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Visions and Values

Our visions and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.



Every individual in Jacksdale Primary and Nursery School is valued and makes a valuable contribution to school life so that they are the very best that they can be.




We aim to:


* Motivate and inspire children to have a love of learning


* Develop learners and leaders of the future


* Equip children to meet the changes and challenges in their life ahead


* Make sure that every child reaches their full potential



Our School Principles

At Jacksdale Primary School, we believe in three key principles:


Kind                Respectful              Safe


These principles underpin all other behaviour expectations, and are embedded in the ethos of the school. They are designed to be memorable and simple, whilst keeping in line with the statutory guidelines of Keeping Children Safe in Education (2023).

Safeguarding children underpins everything we do and it is embedded in everything that we expect from staff, children and families.  We are committed to ensuring that our children develop awareness and knowledge of how to keep themselves and others safe wherever they are and whatever age they are. At Jacksdale Primary & Nursery School we strive to raise awareness of safeguarding with all stakeholders - children, families, staff, governors and visitors and adhere to our guidance and procedures as outlined in our school policies.

The DfE have recently reinforced the need “to create and enforce a clear and rigorous expectation on all schools to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.”

The Government set out its definition of British Values in the 2011Prevent Strategy, and these values were reiterated in 2014. At Jacksdale Primary and Nursery School we work hard to ensure that these values are promoted regularly and embedded throughout our curriculum ensuring the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development of all pupils.

In line with the Department for Education definition, we promote the following British Values at Jacksdale Primary and Nursery School:

  • Democracy
  • Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual Respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs


Jacksdale Primary and Nursery School provides opportunity for parent/carers, pupils and staff opinions to be heard. Democracy is embedded within the school.

We encourage children to take ownership of their school. Pupils have the opportunity to vote and elect pupils to represent them on the School Council through which, pupils are encouraged to become involved in decision-making processes and effect change where necessary. Children are listened to by adults and are taught to listen to others with care and concern respecting the right of every individual to have their opinions and voices heard.

Regular staff meetings, parent questionnaires and daily opportunities to speak to staff provide parent and carers as well as staff, chances to share their thoughts and opinions.

Rule of Law

Jacksdale Primary School rules and expectations are clear and fair. The behaviour policy is designed to support and enable children to achieve their full academic potential by ensuring they understand clearly the behaviour expectation we expect from everybody in our school. The staff lead by example, following the school ethos of kind, safe and respect.

Every class has the opportunity to discuss the school rules and expectations and include their own ideas to create a class charter specific to their classroom which works alongside the whole school rules. There are regular assemblies, lessons and circle time opportunities to discuss, evaluate and address any behaviour concerns, ensuring that all children can understand and distinguish good and positive choices.

We place a huge emphasis on Anti-bullying at Jacksdale Primary School ensuring that all children feel safe in their classrooms and playground but also know what to do and where to go if they ever need to discuss or raise a concern.

Individual Liberty

Children at Jacksdale Primary School are encouraged and supported to make the right choices and be aware of their rights and responsibilities. Through support, PSHE and the culture embedded into our school, the children are encouraged to make choices and express opinions as they know they are in a safe and supportive environment. Our behaviour policy gives children an opportunity to reflect on their choices and the effect they can have on their peers and adults. Through restorative discussions opportunities are given for children to resolve conflicts effectively and fairly.

As a school we educate and provide boundaries for young people to make informed choices through a safe environment and an empowering education. In lessons, teachers allow opportunities for children to feel challenge and set themselves goals to aim for; building resilience and allowing them to become inquisitive and interested in the world around them. Children are encouraged to know, understand and exercise their rights safely and taught the importance of personal information and not giving that information to others online with our E-Safety policy.

Mutual Respect

Respect is part of the ethos of Jacksdale Primary School, it’s part of the heart of our values. Children and adults model this through caring, sharing and listening to others in class discussions and throughout the school environment. The importance of respect is referred throughout assemblies, curriculum and school rules. Children recognise that their behaviour has an effect on their own rights and those of others. As a school community we all treat each other with respect and promote respect across our local environment and the wider society as a whole.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.

At Jacksdale Primary School we teach tolerance and understand that people in our school, in our community, in our country may believe different things to us and that everyone has a right to believe in what they want to believe. We teach this through understanding and respecting others. We encourage and take interest in learning about a diverse range of religions, faiths, cultures, traditions, families communities and ways of life across our curriculum and discuss how we can be tolerant of others in class assemblies and PSHE lessons.

We encourage the children to learn about the world around them, both locally and globally and encourage them to share their experiences with each other allowing children to recognise the differences and similarities between themselves and others.