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The learning hub is our brand new enhanced provision. In the autumn term 2023 we worked very hard to create it and are very proud of what we have achieved. Please see the information below to find out more about what the learning hub provides and how it supports inclusion at our wonderful school. Everyone is welcome here! 

Who supports my child in the learning hub?

What is the focus of the learning hub?

How does the learning hub support inclusion?

At Jacksdale Primary School we work hard to enable success for all our pupils. Every child is different and as such they develop skills at varying rates. Some of our children require a little extra help to develop all the skills needed for engagement with wider class based learning. In the learning hub we  facilitate and support the development of these skills. Children dip in and out of the provision provided in the hub in response to need. All children have an identified class teacher and are a valued part of their wider class - which they engage with at various points throughout the school day. If children are in receipt of 1:1 support for learning in the hub, any work undertaken is always planned by their class teacher to ensure that the child does not miss out or fall behind peers. In the hub we have a high adult to child ratio. We develop the skills needed for independent learning and play. Once a child has developed the skills needed for successful class based learning, the team in the hub, alongside the child's class teacher, work together to enable the  transfer of these skills back into class. The hub is an emotionally safe and flexible place where we always work with unconditional positive regard.  Our enhanced provision supports the delivery of bespoke learning tasks, tailored to the four broad categories of need. This is additional to and different from our universal provision. This is planned and overseen by the SENCo, Maria Furse and delivered by Angie Lewis (Learning Hub Lead) Stephanie Templeton (Teaching Assistant) and Tommy Smith (Teaching Assistant).  

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What type of activities do the children enjoy and what is the focus of learning?


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