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Curriculum Rationale

We, the staff at Jacksdale Primary & Nursery School, believe that
all children deserve success in every form.  In order to ensure
that our pupils have ongoing, sustainable opportunities to achieve
this success, we have built a curriculum which develops the whole person.  Our curriculum strives to include (but is not limited by)
the necessary knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes which will drive their motivation for learning.  It is lively and engaging
for all ages whilst remaining flexible and responsive to the pupil’s needs and interests.
Every member of staff involved with the children at Jacksdale Primary & Nursery School has contributed to the curriculum planning we have devised in order to achieve the vision we hold for our pupils.
Year 1 – annual cycle due to single year group classes
Year 2 – annual cycle due to single year group classes
Key Stage 2 – 2 year cycle to allow for mixed year group classes in year 3 and 4, year 5 and 6


R.E.  - 4 year cycle based on a specificaly tailored R.E. curriculum for our school
Each cycle contains one unit which is attributed to a whole school topic, so that EYFS can join us on our
‘Challenge Based Learning Journey’.


In order to support & develop our spelling, reading and writing, we use the Read, Write, Inc. phonics programme - we also use Read, Write, Inc. Spelling from year 2-6.