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Supporting your child with the curriculum...


If you require any further information about the different curriculum areas of teaching, please talk directly to your child's class teacher who can give specific guidance on support.

Termly newsletters are sent home from each class which outline the learning focus and range of activities which have been planned.

Links to other supporting sites are available on class pages or by following the links in the children's section of the website.



Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) at Jacksdale Primary and Nursery School


Please find below a series of links outlining a sample of the resources that will be used to deliver Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE) at Jacksdale Primary & Nursery School.

The first document is the overview for when specific RSHE topics will be covered. This overview has had to be adjusted due to partial school closures this year.  Thus all RSHE topics for year 2 and 4 are being covered June/July 2021. Year 5 and 6 had an outside provider to deliver the main body of learning for their understanding this year, but continued topics in health and relationships education will continue throughout the summer term.


Resources to support and help

A recommended reading list to help support your child at home is found in the document below. It also details an ‘Operation Ouch’ episode available on Netflix that will be used to support Year 4s learning and understanding on puberty. This could be shared at home and discussed too if possible.

Recommended reading list

Please find below a link to the analysis of the RSHE parent and carer questionnaire that was collated April 2020.