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Weekly timetable

**PLEASE NOTE - Children have Maths and Spelling groups so will need to choose the activities set for their group for these activities!**


For example, your child might be in 4M's class but they are taught by Mrs Fearnley for Maths so they will need to choose the 4F activity for Maths on the timetable. Likewise with the spelling, choose the activities for your group. If your child isn't sure, please get in touch!


Apologies for any confusion - this is a steep learning curve for us all! 


Good luck with your home learning this week!


All of your activities are shown on the timetable and there are some additional resources in the daily files. You don't need to print all of these activities - you can work in your home learning book, use Purple Mash to save files or type on a Word document.


We'd love to see your work so use your class email to send any online work or even pictures of what you've been up to by Friday.


Please keep in touch and let us know if you need any help with these activities. We know this is a tricky time and we are so proud of you for becoming a stay at home hero once again! 


Love from the Year 3 and 4 team x

Ancient Egypt Creative Homework

Remote Learning Plan