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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning!


We hope that you're getting on ok with the weekly learning grids and able to 'pick n mix' which lessons you do each day.


Remember, just like at school, we'd like you to try:


A daily White Rose Maths lesson

A page from Classroom Secrets Home Learning Packs

Either Topic (Adaptation) or Art (Camouflage animals)


We've been SO excited (really!) to hear from some of you on our Purple Mash blog and some of your parents/carers have even joined our new Facebook group: JPS - Year 5 & 6. If you can, see if you can post on Purple Mash, or ask a grown up to post on the Facebook group. I'll put the links below.


Have a fab day!

Love from Mrs Davies and Mrs Nicoletti


P.S. We've included a *bonus* Wordsearch activity today... but you can only complete it before 12 o'clock, and only today... the 1st April... Enjoy!! 

Wordsearch for 1st April 2020 only!