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Thursday 14th May 2020


Good morning!


It looks like the sunshine is trying its best to come out this morning, which is good news!


Remember, if you're having a tough day, there are lots of ways to look after yourself. Last night Mrs D fell asleep before Max (at about 6.30!) so definitely needed a massive sleep. Sometimes self-care looks like a nap, or being creative, or baking, or going for a walk, or FaceTiming a friend/family, or reading a fab book.


Talking of which... there's a book that LOADS of brilliant children's authors have contributed to, which is available online for free! It's called The Book of Hopes and has loads of short stories to keep us entertained and upbeat during lockdown. Yay! I'll post the links below, along with the weekly grid link.


Fingers crossed for another lovely day!

Miss you!

Mrs D and Mrs N