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TEAMS Online Access Guidance and Expectations

Dear parents / carers


From Monday, 22nd February, your child/ren will be able to join a daily check in call with their class teacher and other members of the class who are not in school who are all invited to join in.  This will be a 20 minute session each day.


3 additional documents to support you and your child/ren have been emailed to parents on 9th February 2021.  These are also available on our school website for your reference (within this page section).


1) Daily Class Times for Teams Check-Ins - this will remain the same each day

2) Pupil and Parent Protocol for LIVE sessions 

3) Teams Guide to join daily register sessions JPS - how to download the TEAMs APP for use with tablet, phone / desktop / laptop / PC




(Please note that the password is case sensitive.  The 6th digit is a number 0, not a letter.  All other letters are lower case.  You will be asked to choose a new password the first time you login, which you will need to use every time you login). 


IMPORTANT: If you have borrowed an IPad from school, we will need to install the APP from school.  You will need to bring your IPad into school on Wednesday 10th or Thursday, 11th February before 3:30pm.  The application installation and update will take between 10-15 minutes.  Apple will not allow TEAMs (a Microsoft product) to be accessed through Safari (Apple's internet provider).  If you choose not to bring the IPad into school, then your child will not be able to join the TEAMs meeting unless you have an alternative device which you can download the software onto yourself. 

Important parent guides to enable pupil access to daily face-to-face checkin sessions from Monday, 22nd February 2021.