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School Council

Here at Jacksdale Primary School and Nursery, we pride ourselves on our children and the way in which they work together to make our school the best it can be. 


Each class is represented on the school council by 2 members - the children who are interested in becoming school conucillors must first write an application, which they present to their classmates - then each class is able to vote for their preferred candidates, based on whom they believe will gather and present their viewpoints at council meetings.


Our school councillors meet once a week with Mrs Manton - giving up their own lunchtime in order to do so.  They are responsible for writing their own minutes and bringing their class's ideas and opinions about what is happening - or should happen in our school.


The children are then able to present any suggestions - and solutions -  to the Head Teacher and to date, they've been able to organise cake sales, toy sales, book swaps, movie nights, non-uniform days, charity fundraisers,  Easter Egg raffles and even a 'Sprinkle of Wildlife' (an after school event involving our site manager bringing in birds of prey and giving a nature talk)...


The money raised all feeds back into the things that matter most to our children: toys, books, playground equipment, Christmas decorations to name a few!


The next time you're in school, why not take a peek at our School Council Display in the Key Stage 2 corridor... it's updated regularly and you can keep up to date with our school from the children's point of view!