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Remote Learning Provision

Bubble Closure - Remote learning expectations for parents / carers

From Tuesday, 5th January until February half term, school will only remain open to the children of Critical Workers, vulnerable pupils and all pupils within nursery.  At this time, we have enabled our remote learning plan.  Staff will support both in school and with remote learning to ensure adequate support and continuity of provision for ALL pupils, regardless of whether they are engaging with their education in the school building or in the home.


If any pupils require a loan IPad to ensure that they have full and unrestricted acess to the online learning, please contact school immediately.  We believe that all pupils have now got devices following multiple messages and surveys with families.  If your circustances alter, please contact school immediately and we will ensure that you have access to a loan device.

In the event that individual children or classes / bubbles are directed to self-isolate for 14 days – or if school is required to close for a longer extended period, we have put together some information to support you and your child in accessing the remote learning.  It is really important that if children are not able to attend school due to the current conditions, that they are able to continue completing educational tasks set by their teacher.  The government have directed that schools plan a programme that is of equivalent length to the core teaching pupils would receive in school.


We fully understand that every family’s circumstances are different, whether that is having multiple children to try and support with remote education, adults who are working from home as they try to support the children’s engagement with their learning, younger children to support and engage, or other commitments.  It goes without saying that delivering children’s education at home can be tricky and stressful for all involved at times! 


We also recognise that many of our families who had children attending our school in the summer term have already trialled this with no warning and for that we thank you!  The staff also have different pressures if they are required to plan remote education from home, as many of you will have, and that is also something we have taken into consideration when planning for the future. 


It is, however, really important that our children remain engaged in education, even when they are not attending the school site with their friends and teachers. Where the school is providing online teaching to pupils who need to learn at home, we encourage pupils to complete these sessions to ensure they are not missing out on vital education.  The lessons are planned to reflect the learning which would ordinarily take place in school.


The most notable differences to our remote learning are:

  1. How the lessons are presented on the class pages – with a weekly timetable including links to the online videos and instructions and parent / child instruction sheets for some of the regular activities which will need to be completed, such as the daily phonics / handwriting expectations / active breaks.
  2. The requirement for parents to submit children’s learning via email for assessment and feedback from the teacher.

These remote learning arrangements are in place to ensure that all pupils have access to education. We will, therefore be tracking the engagement and completion of work for all pupils on a daily / weekly basis and contact will be made via telephone to offer support if no work is submitted regularly.


Thank you once again for your ongoing support should we need to provide remote education for your child. If, for any reason, you or your child experience difficulties with any remote learning arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact the school office on 01773783930, or alternatively via the new class pages’ email addresses (included within the remote learning information for parents which is enclosed).

Yours sincerely


Miss Brockerton (Head Teacher)

To submit work and communicate with the relevant staff, please use the following class emails addresses: