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Outdoor Activities

Easter Egg and Spoon race.

Have an Easter egg and spoon race, just with your family, in your garden.

If you have run out of eggs you could use a potato, ball. orange or rolled up socks.




Egg and Spoon Race!

At our Loam Finale celebration we had an egg and spoon race. Too much fun!

Easter Races.

Egg and Spoon.

Bunny hops, this could be a race or long jump kind of contest.

collect the eggs race. along the route line up eggs or something to use as eggs and the racers collect them in a basket or bucket.

Easter obstacle course. Hop skip and jump round a home made obstacle course.



Alternative Easter egg Hunt.

Hide a variety of household items throughout the garden. Make a list of the things you've hidden. Little ones could have pictures as well.

Hunt round the garden till you have found the complete collection.

Happy hunting.

Pressed Flowers.

Pressing Flowers.