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World Book Day

As you are aware from the Newsletter, we are approaching World Book Day (on Thursday 2nd March).

Like many other schools around the country, we are giving the children the opportunity to come to school in character, though I realise it's not long since we had the School Council's 'Heroes and Villians' Day.


Please, please, please do not feel that you should go out and buy a costume - the whole idea is for children to think about character costumes they could create using their imagination and items they already have at home - it gives the children to think of all the different books they have read or seen on shelves and what s manageable and adaptable by using their imagination - it is definitely NOT necessary or in any way expected (or encouraged) for this event to cost our families money through costume buying. 


Follow the link here to the World Book Day Site for inspiration and ideas on costumes which are imaginative, simple and manageable to create:


(My personal favourite is seeing a child dress all in blue -jeans & t-shirt - with bandages wound around them - Instant 'MR BUMP')


As we are trying to promote reading more and more both in and out of school, we have arranged a day packed full of stories and activities linked to them and the children will have a range of different adults, each with their favourite book and activity, visit their class throughout the day.


Your child will also be given a book token, worth £1 which can be redeemed in a range of shops for specific World Book Day books - or used to receive £1 off other books.  These can also be used at our Scholastic Book Fair which is arriving during parents evening week.


Again, please do NOT feel that you are expected to buy a costume - encourage the children to be creative... Keep an eye on the website for photos of the day!