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Update 18.05.2020

I hope that everyone is keeping safe and well.  It seems that the last week or two has become a struggle for many (children & adults) and I'd like to remind you that there are a range of newsletters, websites and apps available on the children's pages under the well-being and mental health section.


Can I please request that if you have not already done so, you email the office with your child's first name and class / year group so that we are able to upload your preferred email address to our system - this is how we shall be sending out further, detailed communication in the coming days.


As I've previously said, we're currently in the process of completing all of the required risk assessments and arrangements in order to meet the governments request for schools to reopen on the 1st of June.  The guidance is altering and being updated regularly but we hope to be able to share our thoughts and plans with you later on this week.  it's important to note that any plans remain fluid and may alter at any point and they are all conditional - depending on the 5 key tests being met nationally and by guidance received from the government and local authority.


Once we have shared the information, we will be asking you to complete a survey so that we can begin to collate parents views and decisions about whether or not you are electing to send your children to school.  At this point the DFE have stated that no fines will be issued if children do not attend.


Colin Pettigrew (Corporate Director for Children, Young People and Schools in Nottinghamshire) has also requested that we share a letter he has written for all families.  This can be found in the parents - letters section of our website.


As always, I'd like to say how very proud I am of all of our children, staff and parents at this point in time - it's not easy, and I think that everyone is doing a fantastic job :)