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Pantomime Visit - Collection Arrangements

We’re excited that it’s almost time for our whole school Pantomime outing…


The plan:

Coaches will be leaving school at 12:45 so we arrive at the theatre with enough time to find our seats and make ourselves comfortable.


At the interval we will have a snack and a drink that the teachers have brought for us.


Coaches will bring us back to school – we should be getting on the coaches at about 4:45pm so that we’re ready to leave the theatre at about 5:00 (ish).


Our coach drivers have told us that we’ll be back at school at 6:00 – but we know that sometimes the weather / traffic might mean this is a few minutes later.


Where should adults collect children from?


Last year, it was exceptionally dark in the playground so we don’t think that’s a great idea. Our main concern is that all children can come back through the school paths and go straight into their classrooms, then the staff can make sure that they see who every single child leaves with.


We are asking parents to wait either in the main hall or outside the front of school – please make sure that paths aren’t blocked so that children can stay together in their lines.


Allow all class groups to enter the school building – we politely request that if you see your child, you do not try to walk along with them or enter the building at the same time as their class – allow all classes to enter without parents in between please (it’s tricky to make sure that you can see all of the children in your class if there are a lot of extra adults in between).


If there is a break in the classes entering the building and you can see that your child’s class has gone through to their classroom, then please make your way to your child’s classroom. Once you collect your child, you may leave the school via either the Investigators exit, the KS1 exit (which will take you out through the play area at the portacabin, or out through the KS2 exit at the far end of the school.


We predict that it may take up to 15 minutes to release the children from the classrooms as there will be over 400 people trying to get in and out of school - please try and stay patient as we ensure everyone’s safety.