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* Build a snow creature... or snow family... or snowman.... or snow dog... or snow??? - take a picture and we'll add it to the webpage smiley

* Go sledging

* Put food out for the birds - and see how many birds you can count - or make a bird feeder

* Go and make footprints in the snow

* Make a snow angel

* Find an icicle

* Leave a bowl of water outside and see what happens to it during the day / the next day

*Make a frozen bubble - use bubble mixture to slowly blow a bubble outside and see what happens...

* Doodle / drawing

* Have an indoor picnic

* Make your own board game

* Movie morning

* Bake

* Cut your own paper snowflakes to make an indoor snow scene

* Create your own picture collage

* Online games (www.

* Make a wordle (

* Share a story - it could be one you make up or from a book you have at home - or ask a family member or friend to make up a story just for you!

* Snuggle up on the sofa

* Learn 5 new jokes

* Drink hot chocolate

* Try a new food you've never eaten before


Remember to wrap up warm if you're going outside... and enjoy your snowy day - we look forward to hearing all about your adventures when we're back in school!