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Head Teacher Welcome - September 2020

A HUGE welcome back to all of our children, families, staff and governors.  Welcome back to the children who we already know and the children who have just started with us - whether it is in nursery, reception class, year 3 or a different year group.


The children have all come back to school this week with great big smiles and it is so good to hear the school full of chatter and see the staff and children filling all of the classrooms - it seems like a very long time since March when we ended the year so abruptly!


The school is looking amazing thanks to all of the staff and their hard work at the end of the summer term and during the summer, and I'd like to say an additional thank you to Mr Hole, Mrs Goodman and Mrs Cole (our site staff) who have worked tirelessly to make sure that the site is spic and span and all  hygiene measures are in place to make us as safe as we can possibly be for everyone.


We have added a new section on the website which covers all aspects of the return to school and will contain information about our risk assessments, links to NHS, government guidance and information about the school in general and it's staff.  We understand that being unable to stop and chat with your child's class teacher, or come into the school if needed is really difficult for parents and carers so we are trying to make sure that all of the immediate information is in one place on our website:

Homepage - Key Information - September 2020 - General school overview and current guidance related to COVID19 


Thank you to all parents for being so organised and following the new procedures put in place in and around school to keep the children safe - especially when dropping of f and collecting the children.  After a slow start on the first day, which I think we all expected, day 2 and now day 3 have been much quicker as we all learn our new 'normal'.


Finally, please make sure that the office has up to date contact details (phone numbers and emails) for all named contacts so that there are no unneccessary 'glitches' in contacting parents if we need to - our facebook page is great, but our formal communication will still come via email and text message or the school website.


Miss Brockerton (Head Teacher)