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Free School Meal Voucher Update

For parents who are entitled to Free School Meals (Not the Universal Infant Free Meals for Reception, Year 1 & Year 2)... we are currently trying to ensure that vouchers are coming through to parent emails.  This is not working as smoothly as it should, due to the fact that it is a national roll out through one nominated company.  Can I please ask that parents search their email for 'Edenred' as the voucher links appear to be going into spam / junk folders.  

The first allocation of vouchers were due to be sent out by Edenred on Monday, 20th April though it is apparent that they are not all coming through at the same time.  The company is stating that it may take up to 72 hours for the vouchers to come through on email and once activated it may take a further 24 hours for the e-card to be sent through to your email.

I can only promise that we are doing everything we can to try and ensure that everyone gets vouchers.

If you have not received vouchers, please email

stating that school had issued the vouchers on 20th April and you have not yet received yours.  It is also worth including the fact that you have searched all email boxes, including junk and spam folders.


I am hoping that this is just an initial 'glitch' in the system the first time the vouchers are issued - and I will be ordering 3 weeks worth of vouchers to be issued on Monday 27th April.


I have placed the parent handbook / FAQs from Edenred on the letter / useful information section of our website.


Once again, apologies for the frustration this is causing to some of our families.


Miss Brockerton