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February update

This half term has absolutely flown by! As always, it's been a busy time in school - not made any easier by the sometimes wet and windy weather at this time of the year.  We've had a lot of children playing in the flowerbeds and this is something which we're trying to prevent as it is making a mess of their uniform and shoes - not ideal for either parents or school! (Unfortunately, it's really tempting to bury things in the soil and make mountains for imaginary play in there!)


This week I'd like to draw your attention to Internet Safety Day which is on Tuesday - I've uploaded a few useful links and articles which you can find on our  parents page under the link -'useful links'.  If you have any concerns about particular apps or online activity please talk to us so that we can advise other families or children if there is a risk - though it is wise to assume that all online programmes or apps or games can carry some element of risk - as long as parental locks are in place, then our children are protected to some degree. 


I have to say that at this point, e-safety is vital as our children are accessing it so regularly - and whilst there may be dangers, there are dangers in every element of life - it's about how we educate them.  The internet is an amazing place which brings so many benefits to us all and I think it's important that we focus on the many, many positives it has to offer - communication, learning, entertainment, images - there's so many possibilities, it really does open up a whole new world for us all - children and adults!


Keep up to date with what we're working on as a whole school with our monthly newsletters - they're sent home so you can keep the dates but if you don't receive yours, they are also uploaded right here on the website.


Keep in touch with us if you have any comments about the school or what we're doing - good or bad... staff are available on the playground at the beginning and end of the day and either myself or Mrs Nicoletti, the Deputy are on the playground before the bell goes each morning.  We like hearing your views as we are all working together to do the best for our children - parents, families, staff & governors.


I hope everyone has a lovely half-term break - whether you are at home, maybe going out for the day or spending time with friends and family.


Miss Brockerton -Head Teacher