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End of the year - and looking forward to September 2021

As we come to the end of the summer term, please have a look at our end of term newsletter.  It gives parents and children an outline of what is happening in the last week - we haven't planned too much as we are very aware that things are still changing at the last minute, but I think all of the classes are looking forward to their picnic and play afternoon.


In the newsletter you will also find information about the new start and ends times and procedures for September, as well as information about the expectations for school uniform - this is really important as we are altering the general uniform to include specific P.E. uniform days also.  


We are so exceptionally proud of our school - the children, staff, parents and governors.  The resilience and support shown by everyone has been nothing short of amazing - I would lik to wish you all a very restful and happy summer with your family and maybe your friends.


Myself and all of the staff are looking forward to seeing the children when they return to school on Thursday, 2nd September.


Please check the newsletter: which was sent out last week: