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Monday 30th March 2020



Hello Year 5 & Year 6,


Just a quick note to say that we miss you and we're hope you're getting into a routine at home. Fingers crossed that the weather is as lovely as it was last week!


To make things slightly more simple and to test your independent learning skills, we've made a WEEKLY learning grid for you to use from now on. Don't try to complete it in one day! It has suggestions for how to break the work up into smaller parts and much of it follows the same online learning as last week - it's up to you which parts you do and when. Check the link below this message for the weekly grid of lessons.


We're excited to see your purple books when we get back to school! Don't forget - it's a new experience for your grown ups, too, so don't stress about getting every single activity done. We know that everyone has to go with the flow!


We're also working on starting a blog so that we can chat to each other in a safe space online - maybe we'll start with a Purple Mash one. Hopefully you've all got your log ins that we gave out before school closed.


When we say we miss you, we mean it! Mrs D has been having teaching dreams again - weird! Be safe and talk soon. 


Mrs Davies and Mrs Nicoletti