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Our Caterpillars week Four... Not caterpillars but Butterflies.

Our Caterpillars Week 3

This Week in Investigators Class.

2nd-6th May 2016

This week we have been learning about how people grow from a baby to adult.

We talked about the things we could do when we were babies and the things we can do now.

We thought about our families and who lives with us.

In our maths work we measured how tall we were and marked this on the height chart in our classroom.

For writing this week have written cards for people we care about, perhaps our family.





Our Caterpillars Week Two.

25-29th April 2016

This week we have been looking at how flowers grow in the spring.

we have made two lovely wall displays. One has daisies and is waiting for our butterflies later and the other is our Read Write Inc. Working Wall. We are going to plant some flowers in our little playground.

This week in Numeracy we have been starting to look at doubling.

Our sentence this week is in Spring the flowers grow.




Week One Our teeny tiny caterpillars.

18-22nd April.

We came back to school after our Easter Break to start a new topic all about growing.

We read the story of the hungry caterpillar and based our work around it this week.

A cutting and weaving activity helped develop our fine motor skills and we threaded beads to make caterpillars too. We enjoyed printing caterpillars and also talking about all the different foods the caterpillar tried. The most exciting thing that happened were that our own tiny caterpillars arrived. We are going to grow them into butterflies.

The Hungry Caterpllar

We had fun on our Easter egg hunt with Miss Allan.

Around Investigators Class

14-18 March

This week in Investigators Class we have been enjoying the story of Zog . Zog is a little Dragon who goes to Dragon school to learn to fly, breathe fire and other dragony things. We get our phrase "Now that you've been shown you can practise on your own" from this book. The teachers remind us to be independent in our activities by quoting Madam Dragon.

Our sentence this week is" Zog can fly" but lots of us are now well beyond this and are writing lots of little stories about Zog.

In our number work we are learning about taking away. We are using the rhyme the Queen of Hearts to help us with this.

                                                                 World Book Day


We were excited about World Book Day in Investigators Class because we got to dress up as our favourite story characters. We came to school in our costumes and bought a book from home to give to the book exchange. Later we went and chose another story book to take home. In the end we all had two new books to take home. At the end of the afternoon we had a special time to read stories and some of our grown ups came to join in too. What a great day! smiley



World book day. Some of our grown ups came to share stories with us.

World Book Day...Here we are all dressed up as book characters and enjoying our stories.

7-14th March 2016

This week we have been reading one of our favourite stories..."Room On The Broom"

We love listening to this and have watched it on a DVD.

Our sentences this week are based on the story. We started with " The Witch had a cat"

Thank you to all those grown up helpers who are encouraging us to write at home it is really helping us fly.

This week in maths we having been adding with bigger numbers and writing our answers. We are also comparing objects in regard to their size and using words to talk about this, e.g. long, longer, tall tallest, short small, wide narrow, fat, thin etc. You could help at home by comparing sizes for example who has the longest chip, or piece of spaghetti? who in the family is tallest? has the biggest shoes ? etc.






Our Latest Artwork.

We are learning about how beans grow

29th February -4th March 2016

This week we have continued working on the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

Our sentence for this week is... Jack saw a castle. Some of us have added this to last weeks sentence to write a few simple sentences to tell the story.

We have had fun planting beans in plastic cups and are looking forward to them becoming a beanstalk. We hope our teachers are not scared of giants!

We are learning about the world and how beans grow, we looked at the beans with magnifying glasses and talked about how they look and feel.

We  also talked about whether we like to eat beans and what kind of beans we like.

In maths we have been working out addition problems and writing the answers down. we have to do really careful counting and Mrs Latham is helping us work on our number formation.







Our New Role Play Area is Taking Shape.

22-26th February 2016

We started a new topic for our half term it is called Story Magic and we will be using some of our favourite books to help us with our work.

This week we have been learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

We have read the story and watched it on our big screen.

Our sentence this week is Jack went up the beanstalk and some of us have added other sentences.

Jack got a hen. Jack got a bag of gold. Jack got a harp.

In maths we are adding again and we are practising forming our numbers carefully so that other people can read them.

Our role play area is becoming a storybook land we will be adding to it over the weeks.





Around Investigators Class this week.

8th -12th February.

This week we have been learning about the technology we use in school and sharing all about the technology we like to use at home. Some of us play games on the Xbox or tablet and some of us use a laptop or borrow phones to play our games on.

Our sentence for the week is" Peppa saw a ..." we have been adding our own endings by using our phonic skills to sound out words.

In our number work we have been combining two groups to find the total and remembering to count carefully so that our answer is accurate.

On Thursday it was funny hat day so we wore our hats and brought a donation to give to the school council.

The Council will tell us later what they are going to spend the money on.






          1-5 February 2016.

This Week in Investigators Class we have been learning to read and write the sentence    Peppa went to the shop

We have been taking away a number of objects from 5 or working on recognising our numbers to 20.

We watched the story of Mr Bull digging up the road on our Peppa Pig DVD and talked about all he pipes and cables that go under the road and this lead us to talk about things that work with electricity. We also shared our experiences of being in traffic jams and learned the names of lots of different vehicles. On our creative table there were a collection of different shapes cut from sticky paper and we used these to make up our own vehicles, we are learning to name shapes too. As usual we have worked on our Read Write Inc each morning. We are looking forward to our Peppa Pig Fun Morning on Friday  when we will be joining with our Explorer friends from Nursery for lots of activities on a piggy theme. ( pictures to follow next week)




Peppa Pig

News Letter.

Some of our lovely displays.