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Investigators 2017-2018

This week in Investigators class our work has been all about ladybirds. There are a lot of ladybirds living in our garden and we are able to observe them.  We have learned all about the ladybirds life cycle. We have made paper ladybirds and in our maths we are thinking about doubles so the ladybirds spots are helping us with that. We have found ladybird facts out from the internet and have written our own ladybird fact sheet.

All about Ladybirds.

More Amazing Writing.

This week we are learning all about flowers and plants and how they grow.

7 May 2018 Last week in Investigators Class we have been  learning about chicks and ducks.

We read the story of the Ugly Duckling and Chicken Licken and lots of fact books about eggs and chicks. We found out about a hens life cycle and watched a video of a chick hatching out of an egg. We also found out about how Daddy penguins keep their eggs warm on the ice in the Antarctic. Ask you Investigator if you would like to know. In maths we finished our work on numbers up to twenty. For our Literacy work we wrote sentences about chicks and ducks and labelled  our life cycle diagrams.

Some of our work about the Five little Ducks.

Our caterpillars are changing.

This week in Investigators we have been learning all about frogs and their life cycle, but our interest in caterpillars has continued as we has our caterpillars arrived this week. They have grown to twice their size in one week and will shed their skins four times in about two weeks. We have tried Bollywood dancing this week and were very successful in remembering the dance moves. Dan was a great dance teacher. We have written sentences about frogs and other things and are continuing to work on teen numbers up to 20.



Bollywood Dancing

Here we are riding the bikes.

We are getting very good at writing by ourselves.

Our Caterpillars Arrived this Week.

Our Tadpoles.


Spring News Letter.

Welcome back to all the Investigators after our Easter Holidays. We are starting a new topic this half term all about growing. We already have tadpoles living in our classroom and we are hoping that some tiny caterpillars will be arriving soon. We hope to watch them grow into butterflies. We will also be learning about flowers, ladybirds and chicks. 

In our maths lessons we are concentrating on learning numbers up to 20. We will also be thinking about doubles and halves.

We are continuing with Read Write Inc with all our groups and are working hard to be able to write simple sentences.


Easter Bonnet Parade 29th March 2018.

Some of the Investigators were really excited to see that the daffodils on the front of the school have now got flowers on. We also have a twig in the classroom which has sprouted yellow flowers, perhaps Spring really has come this time.


Investigating wet sand.

Pretending to cook in the Role-Play area.

28th March 2018

This week the a group of Investigators have chosen to play with the tyres. Up until now they have been using the tyres as part of the obstacle tracks with planks that they enjoy challenging themselves with and using them as boats.  This week they have begun to think of different ways of using them. They discovered it was fun to roll the tyres and some children extended this to putting a car inside it as they rolled. We thought about the rules we would need for this activity as the tyres are heavy and could knock someone over if they bumped into them. The children decided the rule was you are not allowed to bump into anything. One of the boys said "yes you need to be in control." Some of the boys tried crawling though the tyres but it was hard to get them standing up without falling over and rolling away. We might investigate how to do this another day. A smaller group changed the rules a little bit to make a game where two tyres were rolled into each other but with a another child as a kind of referee to stay" stop" and" break" when needed. When the investigators play these kind of games they are developing their physical skills, problem solving, being imaginative and cooperating so as well as having fun they are moving on with their learning.

Games with the Tyres.

One of the Investigators knew the rules to the game The Floor is Lava. She started to teach the other children how to play. More children got involved so they found more ways to get off the ground. This involved a little bit of thinking about what was safe to stand on and what they had better not climb on to. With these rules in place the children enjoyed their game. While the children were playing they learned a bit about rules for games, they took the lead or joined in and they were able to start thinking about what was safe and what was too risky and for that they needed to think about past experiences and think ahead to the consequences of their actions.  They were being active and building balancing skills whilst working in a group.

The Floor Is Lava!

Yet MORE Snow!

When we play with the snow in our classroom we are investigating how it feels and behaves and we notice the changes that happen as it warms up. For us this is  an area of learning called Understanding the World, our first steps in science and geography.


 This week in Investigators class we have been investigating the case of,




The Queen of Hearts she made some tarts,

All on a summers day.

The Knave of Hearts he stole those tarts.

and took them clean away.


Just how many did he take?

 How many are left?

 And how do we know?

 Is there a way to write our answer down? 


That's what we have been investigating this week.

The proper name for it is subtraction and we have been learning to subtract with numbers up to 10.

Learning about subtraction

Each day we are working on our phonics learning the letters and the sounds they make in words. Now we know  lots of them and we are ready to use them in our writing. At the moment we use  the sounds to write exactly as the word sounds. We might not spell correctly yet but you can start to read our writing. Help us by sounding the words out splitting up the sounds. Its called segmenting.  We sometimes still forget how to write a letter, help us by showing us what the letter looks like.

More Independent Writing.

In Investigators Class we have a creative/ design and making area with paint, glue, paper , tissue paper, wool , pipe cleaners, paper clips , split pins, scissors, tape and lots lots more. We can use this area whenever we are not working with a grown up. It took us a while to get into it but now we love to make our own creations. At the moment we are enjoying box modelling a lot. As well as developing our creative skills we are learning fine motor skills, and independent thinking skills, problem solving, resilience and using our imagination. We often make things we use in other areas of our learning for example a musical instrument or a pretend phone or computer, necklaces and handbags. We often make things as gifts for our friends at school or family, this is part of learning social skills. Sometimes we work together so it helps us learn how to cooperate and take other peoples ideas into account.

Working Independently In Our Creative Area

This week proved to be a mild interlude between two  snowy spells. It was very pleasant to be outside and we have made the most of it, enjoying ourselves investigating outside. Mrs Latham didn't even wear her ski trousers this week although it looks like that decision might have been a bit premature!

Investigating Outside.

These Investigators spent an extended period of time making this amazing structure from large bricks, logs and plastic boxes. They enjoyed balancing them on top of each other and changed their design as they went along. They worked cooperatively and talked about their ideas as they worked. They used previous knowledge to decide which things to try next and pretended to use tools.

Large Scale Building.

  Monday 12th March 2018

This week in Investigators class we have been learning all about fire fighters and the job they do. 

We have enjoyed our new role play area outside. We have started learning about subtraction in our number work.   In our guided reading we helped Fireman Sam rescue a lost sheep and in our writing we wrote incident notes to send to him about what happened.

Firefighter Role Play

World Book Day ....At Last!


Investigating Addition.

Week beginning Monday 26th February.

This week in Investigators Class we have a new topic about people who help us. We started by investigating the jobs people do in the school. Mrs Latham's job is ringing the bells, Mrs Pell looks after us and our head teacher works on her computer! We have turned our role play into a mini school and are having fun teaching each other. In our Maths work we investigating using numbers 1-10 to add. This week we have been very excited by the snowy weather. 


28th February Today we have had a class band,

26th February. We really enjoy playing in our outdoor area.

When we learn about the different ways people celebrate special events we begin to appreciate that we have many things in common. We may have different food to celebrate Christmas or Easter but all celebrations involve special food, gathering family and friends together and often music and dancing. We learn about lots of different festivals through the year it is part of  learning to understand the world and what people and communities do.

We finished our Half term with a Chinese Dragon dance.

Here we are painting our Chinese dragons

We are not forgetting pancake day either!

We are celebrating Chinese New Year in Investigators Class.

Valentines Day in Investigators.

Bear pictures and masks.

All about Goldilocks.

Using our Creative workshop area

We are starting to be able to write by ourselves.

Making the most of our reading corner.

Our Story This Week Was Stick Man.

Playing outside in Investigators Class

The Investigators are having fun in their busy Classroom

Our displays from our topic this half term all about stories