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'Hey Tiger!' Robbie Williams - Karaoke | The Tiger Who Came To Tea | SceneScreen

Judith Kerr's classic book comes to life in this enduring animation. Invite the tiger to tea with your family, on DVD February 3rd and on Digital now! Buy Th...

Here are some ideas for tiger craft.

How to draw a Tiger for Kids | Tiger Easy Draw Tutorial

TIGERS - educational video for Kids - Tiger Facts for Kids

Make some sandwiches.

See if you can make some sandwiches.

Perhaps you could try a filling that's something a bit different from your usual thing.

I hope a tiger doesn't come to your house for tea!

Tiger Pose | Cosmic Kids Yoga posture of the week

Tiger Pose | Cosmic Kids Yoga posture of the week We run a teacher training course for kids yoga! Find out more here: Thinki...

Have A Pretend Tea Party


This week you could try writing a shopping list for your family.

Use your sounds to help you.



Here are some different ways of making a pretend zoo. You could write signs for the animals, use your sounds.

And there we are, the end of term and the end of a very unusual year at school. 

Happy Holidays to all the Investigators and families I hope you all have a lovely Summer and I will see you in September when you are Super Grown Up Year Ones.


Go to the top to find this weeks activities.

Friday 17th July

Over our home and mixed learning weeks we have made the most of the White Rose Maths activities with the stories and ideas for counting and lots of other things .I have themed our learning around the stories. Lets enjoy our very last session today. Next week I am going to choose one of my favourite stories for our work. I wonder if anyone can guess which it is.

One Is a Snail Ten Is a Crab Read Aloud with AHEV Library

A simple counting game with snails, crabs, dogs, spiders, and more! Story: April Pulley and Jeff Sayre Pictures:Randy Cecil Narrator: Dustin Steichmann Music...

Here is some fun animal yoga for you to try.

Yoga Time! | Jungle Safari - Kids Yoga and Nursery Rhymes

Easy, fun yoga designed specially for toddlers with songs, nursery rhymes and simple stories. Copy me, sing along and have fun! In this video we explore the ...

Thursday 16th July.


WITH MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS one of the other stories this week.

An experiment to try.

In the story we find out who sank the boat.

you can try this floating and sinking experiment at home.


Sink or Float?

Join Jessi and some new friends for an experiment to see what sinks, and what floats! ---------- Like SciShow? Want to help support us, and also get things t...


Dont forget your sentence. choose an animal and write about it. Im choosing the mouse.


The mouse sank the boat

Wednesday 15th July.


Oi Frog! - Books Alive! Read Aloud book for kids

Books Alive! Read aloud Oi Frog! The First in the hilarious rhyming children's "Oi" book series by Kes Gray and Jim Field. Who sits on what? Frog is in for a...


Look at the story in the video above. Its really funny.

Today you could write a sentence about the story.




Frog sit on the log.

Whose Tail? | Learn Animals Song for Kids

We liked these series of songs at school yesterday.A fun song for children to learn animals. Sing along and guess animals by their tail!

Make a frog

Tuesday 14th July.


Whose Feet? | Learn Animals Song for Kids

A fun song for children to learn animals. Sing along and guess animals by their feet. Download the Whose Feet App for Kids on the Apple App Store: http://app...

How to Draw a Ladybug Easy Step by Step

Easy step by step tutorial on how to draw a beetle, pause the video at every step to follow the steps carefully. Enjoy ;) - Facebook:

You could make this sweet little ladybird


perhaps your sentence today should be 


The ladybird has got spots.

Monday 13th July

How Many Legs | Books for Kids Read Aloud

How many legs would there be if a polar bear came for tea? How high would the leg count go if a squid rode in on a buffalo? As more and more animals join in ...


Choose an animal.

A cat or dog is easy to write about.

write a sentence about your animal. for example,

A rabbit can hop

What is your favourite animal?

What animals do you really like? Mrs Pell loves dolphins but Mrs Latham likes watching birds.  There are lots of animals around us in our gardens and the countryside nearby. There will be birds, frogs, mice hedgehogs and maybe badgers or foxes.

Look at the link below to find out about some of the animals you could spot.


How to make a Paper Mouse Finger Puppet - Paper Mice Crafts

Learn how to make a paper mouse finger puppet. These paper mice puppets are super easy and fun to make. One piece of paper is enough for 4 Paper Mice Finger ...

Friday 10th July

Tiny the T-Rex | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Episode 29 | Tiny the T-Rex | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! A kids yoga adventure about Tiny, a young T-Rex, who learns about looking after his teeth! Learn ...

See if you can make a dinosaur land.



How are your phonics coming along. Don't forget to practice your sounds.

Thursday 9th July

Sentence, Reading and Writing.


This weeks sentence.


Danny had a pet Dinosaur.

Wednesday 8th July.


One More! (song for kids about identifying the # that is "ONE MORE")

Here is a song to help you work out one more.

Tyrannosaurus Drip | Book Read Aloud for Kids

Another Dinosaur story to listen to.




Danny had a pet dinosaur.


Remember we will need these in year one. Try to practice every day.


Phase 3 Phonics Blending to Read

Phase 3 Phonics Blending to Read Practise blending and sight reading these Phase 3 captions. I will blend the words with you, then you can try to write them ...

Tuesday 7th July.

TEN LITTLE DINOSAURS by Mike Brownlow | Story Time Pals | Kids Books Read Aloud

BestKidsBooks Ten Little Dinosaurs by Mike Brownlow & illustrator Simon Rickerty, #KidsBooksReadAloud by your pal Vernon! #LearnToCount Publisher : Sandy Cr...

How To Draw A Dinosaur With Shapes

Here's another fun art project to do with your super young artists, how to draw a dinosaur with shapes. In this lesson we add small shapes together to make a...

Sentence. Reading and writing.


Danny had a pet dinosaur.

Monday 6th July

Dinosaur fun this week.

If you like dinosaurs you are in for a treat.

The Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet

This Week's Story to watch.

We already made rockets but here are a couple of different ideas to try.

Sentence. Reading and writing.


Danny had a pet dinosaur.

The 5 Fabulous Food Groups

Learn about our 5 main food groups with Jessi and Squeaks, It will help you decide on healthy food for your lunch box.

Friday 3rd July


Oliver's Milkshake

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

DOUBLES! DOUBLES! (*new* 1-10 version)

A song to help you learn doubles.

Reading and writing.


Can you read and write our sentence?



Grandpa can grow carrots.


Dont forget to practice your sounds.

Look back at some of the videos we've had before or dig out your cards.

play I spy with my little eye using some of your sounds.



There are lots of ideas for vegetable themed craft ideas. 

Have a google and see what you can find 

 or here are some ideas.

Thursday 2nd July

Kitchen Disco

You could make some vegetable characters and let them have a disco.

Crafts Ideas for Kids - Vegetable Animal | DIY on BoxYourSelf


Don't forget our sentence.

Grandpa can grow..... 

write your own ending. 

The children at school on Tuesday chose bananas!

Wednesday 1st July.

Find out about potatoes.

You could try some potato prints

#MetKids-How to Make a Potato Print

Follow along and learn how to make a potato print. Materials: * potato (cut into thick slices) * paper * pencil * paperclip * acrylic paint * paint brush Ins...

Vegetable Soup Recipe

Tuesday 30th June.

Sentence. Reading and writing.

Draw a picture of Oliver picking the vegetables.

Ask your adult to write out the sentence.

Grandpa can grow carrots.

Cut the words up and put them in order.

Try to copy the sentence.



Have a go at this phonics game today


Maths and More.

Todays Maths has lots to do.

A game, some counting and some talking.



The Shopping Basket by John Burningham

Your story presented by Classic Storytime A reading of The Shopping Basket by John Burnigham. I hope everyone enjoys

Something to make.

Colour and print these fruits and veg.

you could draw a basket shape and stick them in.

Monday 29th June.


This week our story is 

Oliver's Vegetables.


This is a story about a little boy who only eats chips until he grows his own vegetables.

it will be a chance for us to think about what we need to eat to be healthy.


Oliver's Vegetables by Vivian French and Alison Bartlett story time with Laura's Story Corner

Find out more here: Oliver's Vegetables written by Vivian French and illustrated by Alison Bartlett Another lovel...

Sentence, Reading and writing.


We could learn the word              Grandpa 


To start this week off our sentence will be


Grandpa can grow carrots.

Today you can read and copy the sentence.




Vegetable Song | Songs for kids | The Singing Walrus

See if you know the name of all these vegetables..

Crunchy Carrots: from farm to fork

Watch this video to see the farm to fork journey of carrots, from the ideal growing conditions to the harvesting and production, ready for you to buy in the ...

Friday 26th June.


Hello Investigators here's another dragon story for you.

When the Dragons Came - Bedtime Story Read Aloud

Investigators. Its really important to practice your phonics. 

Here is a game of buried treasure to help you.

You can go back to some of the other  songs and games as well.




We have thought of some good sentences about Zog this week.

Why don't you see if you can write at least one sentence by yourself today. Make it more fun by using dragon coloured pencils to write it  with. 

I think I will do mine orange to match Zog.

Think and do.

Listen to this story about a dragon.

What would your Dragon be like.

Tell someone about your dragon.

Try to make up full sentences.

Now go and make a picture of a beautiful dragon.

You could colour, use felt tips, collage or paint.

You could maybe make a picure of a dragon with stones, sticks and leaves in your garden.

Dont forget to send us a picture of it.

Tell Me a Dragon by Jackie Morris

Author and artist Jackie Morris reads her book Tell Me a Dragon. Recorded at the Hay Winter Festival in November 2019. Dragons come in every shape and size. ...

Here Is my Dragon.

Thursday 25th June.

The white Rose Maths looks such fun today I think we can base all our learning on it.

It asks us to think of some dragon rules.

We can use this for our writing today.

Write down some of the rules for yourself.

OR, decide on a rule, write down the words you know and get your grown up helper to write down the words you don't know. Go on like this and write a few rules together.

In Investigators Class my Dragon Rule would be,


Only breathe fire outside.

No flying in the classroom.




Chinese New Year , Dragon and Lion Dances.


In this Cbeebies clip the children are celebrating Chinese New Year.

Watch out for the Dragon Dance at the end.

CBeebies: Celebrating Chinese New Year - Let's Celebrate

Abbie takes to the street with her family for a parade and firecracker display. Visit CBeebies at to find even more fun games a...

Dragon Paper Puppet DIY - Paper DIY for Chinese New Year - Paper Dragon Craft

We love Chinese New Year. Learn how to make a Dragon Puppet with this quick and easy Dragon DIY. Print out your free Dragon Template or draw your own. CLICK ...

You could make up a dance with your dragon puppet.

Wednesday 24th June.


Try to write a sentence or two about Zog.

We started with the sentence Zog can flt but perhaps you can change that and write a new ending. What else can Zog do?

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Keep trying to learn your tricky words they will be useful in Year One

How to Make a Fire Breathing Dragon From a Paper Roll

Here is a way to make your own fire breathing dragon.

'Plunge Into The Pirate Pool' by Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves ❤ Read by Karen Salter Poole ❤🦋✨

this is another story about Albie. We enjoyed reading it at school.

Tuesday 23rd June.


Yesterday we had a fun time at school learning all about what dragons do in our Zog story. Lets carry on with another story about dragons. We read this story at school today.


How to Catch a Dragon - Bedtime Story Read Aloud

READ ALOUD BOOKS FOR CHILDREN ~ Bedtime stories for kids - Tonight let's read: How to Catch a Dragon. (Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves). A traditional read aloud bed...

Draw a dragon.

In the story Albie draws a dragon here is a way you can draw a dragon yourself.

How To Draw A DRAGON - Easy Step by Step Cute Animal Drawing Tutorial for Kids by HooplaKidz Doodle

Best Drawings: | SUBSCRIBE: | Learn to draw a super cute and easy Dragon in the simple drawing lesson for kids. C...


Today you make a golden star for someone who deserves it. Who will you make one for?




   Zog can ...


Think of some endings to this sentence.

Don't Forget your phonics 


You will NEED them in Year One so get practicing now!

Phonics Digraphs Phase 3 Phonics

Please sponsor me and support my work by becoming a Patron!! Revise your Phase 3 sounds with this phonics digraphs and tr...

Monday 22nd June.


This week our White Rose Maths is all about  Zog. I am really pleased about this I absolutely love this story and it is one of our Investigator favourites.

Zog by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler | Book Reading

Read aloud of the book Zog. Available on Amazon: Please like and subscribe to sup...

Phonics and writing.

At school we are going to be writing sentences about Zog.

We will start with Zog can fly. and build up from there.

Last week I put a detailed plan day to day if your Investigator needs support with sentences. If this is helpful check back to last Monday. Otherwise just write it for them and read it and let them go for it.

You could add different things he can do each day if your Investigator needs a challenge.

Encourage them to use their sounds to help them write. We say "SAY the sound and WRITE it down

That's why our phonics are so important please keep doing them at home so the children don't forget them by Year One.



Phonics Song 2

Just In case the Investigators need a little reminder.

RWI Set 2 Sounds

Here are the set 2 sounds to learn or remind yourself of Investigators.

Friday 19th June.


Today there is a bit more about reflections and lots about shoes.

How To Tie Shoelaces Step By Step

Here is a challenge see if you can learn to tie your shoe laces.

DIY Learn How to Make Shoe Lacing Card. Easy Crafts for Kids.

Here is something you could make to help you learn how to tie.

The Greedy Dog | Aesop's Fables | PINKFONG Story Time for Children

Here is a story about a greedy dog who got into a bit of a pickle looking at his reflection.


She had  dragon pox

See if you can write our sentence and maybe add a little to it.

What happens in the rest of the story?

Or make a new bit of story up.


Thursday 18th June.

Here is a song to start you off.

Can you remember playing it as a ring game at school.




Singing Hands: There was a Princess Long Ago - Nursery Rhyme - Makaton Sign Language

A traditional song by Singing Hands with Makaton signing! This song is featured in our third nursery rhymes DVD "It's Signing Time " released in Spring 2016....

Loo Paper Maths.

He He ! This looks like fun . We are going to try it in school.



Ellen and princess Mirror belle had lots of bubbles in their bath.

You could watch this little film about bubbles then go and blow some of your own.

Princess Mirror belle says she has fish in her bath tub.

you could see if you could learn to draw a fish.


Slow-Motion Bubbles - Michael Garfield - "Lambent"

Here are some bubbles in slow motion to watch perhaps you could blow some today.

How to Draw a FISH! Easy Drawings for Kids

Fishy fishy! Today we learn how to draw a fish! This is so easy and perfect for little kids who are just learning how to draw and color. We explore shapes an...

Wednesday 17th June.


We have been enjoying making and learning about castles this week at school I hope all the home Investigators have had just as much fun.


Make a dragon.


An easy way to make a dragon puppet from a paper plate or circle of card.



Dont forget to have a go at our sentence.



She had dragon pox.


Dont forget to learn your words. Phase 3 Phonics Tricky Words | Sight reading

Phase 3 Phonics Tricky Words | Sight reading Learn to sight read tricky words. Tricky words are words that cannot be sounded out; they cannot be blended.

Tuesday 16th June.


Find out about Real Castles.

Castles for Kids: What is a Castle? Medieval History for Children - FreeSchool

A little film about real castles to watch.

Cutting shapes castle. 

you could cut some shapes from coloured paper to make a castle.

click the link below to see how.

Here is another Princess Story.

Sleeping Beauty | Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids | Princess Story

Sleeping Beauty | Fairy Tales and Bedtime Stories for Kids | Princess Story ❤️❤️❤️ Subscribe: ❤️❤️❤️ "Sleeping Beauty" (French: La Bell...

Monday 15th June.


We have been finding the oak academy hard going in Investigators class. I will continue to put the link on for those who have been finding it useful but this week I am going to mainly theme are work around the book which White Rose have chosen which is Princess Mirror Belle and the Dragon Pox.

I am also going to have a sentence of the week again.

The sequence for writing it goes like this at this time of the year.

Monday, Read and copy.

Tuesday Read, Cut up the words, copy.

Wednesday make the sentence with the word cards, read, turn over and write from memory.

Thursday write your sentence and then try to add to it with another of your own.

Friday, independent writing. have a go to write your own sentence.

Refer back through the week and have a go.



Princess Mirror Belle and the Dragon Pox, Written by Julia Donaldson & Lydia Monks

A story about a a little girl and her princess friend from another land.



She had dragon pox.


Have you ever caught your own reflection in a mirror, window, or pond, and wondered... how do mirrors actually work?? Images used under license from Shutters...


How many things are there you can find that you can see your reflection in?


A simple independent craft activity using paint and card to make a butterfly. you dont have to make a butterfly just enjoy the spotty dotty craft.

Friday 12th June.


Hello Investigators today is our last day of the bus literacy work we have been doing from oak academy.

Its also the last day of our princess and wizard Maths. Just for fun I've added ideas for you to make your own crown and how to draw a castle.

If you feel like trying some exercise the last video today is cosmic kids yoga. 

some of the other classes have enjoyed doing this. Have a go see if you like it.

How to Make Simple Paper Crowns - Kid-tested Craft

How to make simple paper crowns - Children design their own crowns by gluing printable triangle shapes to a paper headband.

How to draw a castle EASY & SLOWLY step by step for kids, beginners, children

How to draw a castle EASY & SLOWLY step by step for kids.

Yoga Time! | On the Farm - Kids Yoga and Nursery Rhymes

Easy, fun yoga designed specially for toddlers with songs, nursery rhymes and simple stories. Copy me, sing along and have fun! In this video we visit a farm...

Thursday 11th June.

Hello Investigators we have got two things going on today.

In our Oak literacy its about post cards. Your chance to practice some reading.

I've put a video to show you where your letters and cards go after they have been posted.

In White Rose Maths we are making potions and spells. What fun.


Journey of a Letter

Film exploring the journey of a letter from post box to recipient.

Chirp Science: MAGIC POTION!

You could use water and colours in little pots to make potions or if you've got the ingredients try this idea. you could even add a little sparkle.

Wednesday 10th June.

The Hundred Decker Bus | Read aloud | Story Book | Children Story | Bedtime Story | Mike Smith

Book📕:A Hundred Decker Bus Author ✍️:Mike Smith Voice 🎤:Rivor Lau A funny and exciting journey in the 100 decker BIG BUS which will lead you to the sky! 🚌🚌🚌🚌...

Double Decker Bus Videos For Children | Gecko's Real Vehicles

How to Draw a Wizard Magic Hat (Easy Step by Step Drawing and Coloring Tutorial For Kids)

Learn how to draw a wizard magic hat in easy step by step tutorial. 0:14 [Real Time] In this video I'm going to show you how you can draw a wizard's magic ha...

Tuesday 9th June

How to make a magic Wand (Origami magic Wand)? Christmas Crafts

Have a go see if you can make a magic wand.


Have you ever been on a bus? Talk to your grown ups about your journey.

* DOUBLE DECKER BUS * | Buses For Kids | Things That Go TV!

DOUBLE DECKER BUS * | Buses For Kids Quality, educational videos for kids. Made in the UK. Subscribe to Things That Go TV! here:

Wheels On The Bus | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Learn with Little Baby Bum | ABCs and 123s

Sing along .One of our favourite songs.

Monday 8th June.

Hello Investigators I hope you had a good weekend.

Now for another week of learning either at home or school.

This weekend I planted lots of flowers in my garden. What did you get up to?

The Princess and the Wizard (by Julia Donaldson) Storytime with Alix

Alix reads The Princess and the Wizard by Julia Donaldson.

Days of the Week Sing-along Song

A song to help you learn the days of the week.

See if you can make a bus from a box.

Friday 5th June.


Try the tricky word song below.

If there are any you don't know, ask a grown up to write them down so you can learn them.

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song.

Phase 3 Tricky Words

Song Time.

I have found you two songs.

One about a snail and one about a whale.

Enjoy singing along.

Blue Whale Nursery Rhyme | ChuChuTV Sea World | Animal Songs & Nursery Rhymes For Children

Blue Whale Nursery Rhyme | ChuChuTV Sea World | Animal Songs & Nursery Rhymes For Children Here comes a new addition to your favorite ChuChu TV Animal Rhymes...

The Snail Song | Simple Lullaby for Kids

The snail song is a simple nursery rhyme and lullaby for kids. Music and video animation by our friends at Easy Kids Songs:

Thursday 4th June.

 Hello Investigators today we have aliens to draw and make in literacy and odd and even numbers in Maths. lots of the activities are fun so have a go and join in with our Investigators school day wherever you are.

Maths today is all about odd and even numbers you can sing this song that counts in twos these are the even numbers.

5 Little Men in a Flying Saucer | Songs You Need to sing in the Classroom | Twinkl

Can you sing along?

Wednesday 3rd May.


Hello Investigators. Today most of us will be at home so I have included something to draw and something to make. Have a good day enjoying your home and garden. It's been fun to see some of you at school and I am looking forward to seeing more of you later.

Remember though we are still all Investigators so today I've put a song on for you to learn all about planets. maybe you could investigate a little more and find out some facts from the internet or books if you have any.



Learn how to make easy paper snails - great craft for kids

See if you can make one of these funny little snails.

Learn How to Draw a Snail - Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

Learn how to draw a snail in just a few steps. Art idea for kids to learn. Easy how to draw tutorial for beginners or kids. Simple step by step how to draw t...

Planet Song for Song/Solar System Song

A song to help you learn all about the planets.

Tuesday 2nd June.


Our Literacy is all about space.

Did you know a real rocket was launched at the weekend? 

you can see it on the film I've shared.



SpaceX, NASA launch US astronauts into space

The SpaceX Demo-2 successfully launched with NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, and is making its way to the International Space Station.


Today we are making spirals with dots and using our addition and subtraction skills.


How to Draw a Whale fo Kids Easy and Cartoon

Do you want to learn how to draw a whale cartoon and easy for kids and beginners.

Monday 1st June.


Hello everyone,

Its a little different from here on in.

Mrs Latham is back at school with some of the Investigators, some of you are working with our keyworker group and lots of you will be at home. We are all going to work and play on the same things.


Our learning is going to be based on two websites.


We have all been enjoying White Rose Maths. This is the Maths based on a story. I have enjoyed this because in Investigators we really like a story.

Each day of the week has its own activities.

There is no log in and you can go straight to the site by following the link.


The other  website is Oak Academy.

This again has no log in and the link will take you straight there.

Again this has daily lessons.


I will put links for the lessons on each day.


Don't worry i'll also put some of those fun videos and activities as well.


If we all try to do the lessons each day it won't matter if you are in school the beginning or end of the week, in the keyworker group or at home full time, we will all be doing the same learning and getting cleverer by the day.







The Snail and the Whale

Here is the story that goes with the maths today.

WHALES - learning video for Kids - educational video for children

Some Facts about Whales for You.

Literacy, Phonics and Writing.

Today you get to design your own planet.



Friday 22nd May


We have been thinking about farms again and here is the song of the week to join in with.

Singing Hands: Old MacDonald had a Farm - Makaton Sign Language

Makaton signing: Sing and sign along with us down at the farm! This song is taken from our first nursery rhymes DVD "It's Signing Time". All songs feature Ma...

Tractor Ted - Munchy Crunchy

Tractor Ted Official Channel Tractor Ted Munchy Crunchy Join Farmer Tom and cheeky Midge the dog who are hard at work and having lots of fun along the way as...

 Something to make.


I was wondering Can you make a tractor?

There are some ideas in the link below.

or you could use lego or bricks.


today is our book swap day at school but we cant do that.

you can read some of your books at home. 

Read together with a grown up. the grown up has to read the long words and you do all the ones you can .

Or try reading our sentence of the week and change the ending.

The farmer had a tractor.



Last day for Superworm.

Do have a look at this today its about collecting worms and looks super fun.


Thursday 21st May

today we are thinking a little bit about shapes. Do you know the names of any shapes. See how many you can think of. Ask your family as well.



Shapes song for kids | The Singing Walrus

We are excited to present our Shape Song, a groovy and interactive song for kids that introduces four 2D shapes: circle, triangle, square, and rectangle. In ...

Shapes all around.

what shapes can you see when you are pout and about?

What shapes can you see in your home?

You could try drawing round things and cutting out shapes. Can you make a shape picture?

In the video it tells you how to draw shapes and draw a pig from some of them.


Learn How To Draw a Farm Animal | Drawing and Painting with Shapes

Do you want to learn how to draw a farm animal? Watch this video to learn how to use basic shapes to help you draw a pig. Brecky Breck loves to draw and pain...



Thursday is our writing day.

Draw a picture of old Macdonald and his animals. See if you can write a sentence about him.

The farmer had a ....

You could write a few different sentences.

Wednesday 20th May.

   We are thinking about animals doing funny things again.

Here is a song about what animals would do if they could dance.

Mrs Tracey chose this funny song for you.


Animal Songs for Children ♫ If Animals Could Dance ♫ Action Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Your children will have a blast as they dance and sing like the animals with this popular animal song for children!

Story Time.


Here is a funny story we like to read at school all about the farm animals on a hot day. Its a really great one for watching a few times and joining in with. You can do all the animal actions too.

"Down by the Cool of the Pool"

"Down by the Cool of the Pool" Written by Tony Mitton Illustrated by Guy Parker-Rees Music by Green Orbs, "Sand Castles" Narrated by StoryCorner

Something to Make.


You could try to make a dancing animal cut an oval for the head and another oval for a body.

Draw your animals face and then concertina some strips of paper for legs.

You could dance them up and down.




See if you can read some of the words from the story.


Don't forget to use your phonics to help.














Well done.

Don't forget to keep learning your sounds and using them to read.





Today make your sentence out of the cards from this week then turn them over try to write your sentence.


The farmer had a hen. 

You can change your sentences if you like.

Tuesday 19th May


Today we have got a song about all sorts of silly animals doing funny things all over the house.

have a watch and see what you think. It made me laugh.



Cows In The Kitchen - Nursery Rhyme

What a funny song about animals all over the house.

  Something to make

Today you could make a cow sock puppet you will need a white sock.

If you don’t want to sew it you could colour it with a felt pen.

You could make your sock puppet sing along to the silly song.



Today its all about making Superworm number lines. I bet you can all count to twenty now and count forwards and backwards.

Superworm! Read aloud children's book

Children's book read aloud. Superworm by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler

Sentence work.

The      Farmer     had     a    cow.


Remember you can change the ending if you like.


Today is the day for writing words on cards and making the sentence up.


Then have a go at copying it.


Keep checking you know all your sounds. I expect you know them now but check you are not forgetting them.






Tractor Ted Moovie Time

Here is another story about Tractor Ted. Its all about cows this time.

 Monday 18th May

This week we are learning all about Old Macdonald and his Farm.

Get your toy farm out or soft toy farm animals if you have any.

If not perhaps you could draw some and cut them out to make a farm.

There are some good stories about farms in the tractor red series this one is all about sheep.


Old MacDonald Had a Farm

See if you can sing along with the song and join in with the noises.

What could you make today ?

What about a little Woolley sheep.

Cut out a circle and print it with white fingerprints or stick cotton wool or scrunched up paper for a body and then make a face from white or black paper.

Sentence this week.


The     farmer      had     a     sheep.

You can change  the animal if you like, cut lots of cards them read the sentence and mix up the ending.

practice reading and copying the sentence.





Friday 15th May.

Today we are comparing heights.

Who is the tallest in your Who is and who is the shortest.

What about your teddies can you but them in a line tallest to shortest.

Measure yourself with a piece of wool or string.

do you know how tall you are?

I used to measure my children against the kitchen door frame and write their name and date every so often to see if they had grown.

Are you growing up ? I am sure you are.

Here is a song about how tall you are getting.



Measuring Your Height Song | How Tall Are You? | Original Songs | By LBB Junior

Download LBB Junior videos © El Bebe Productions Limited - part of LittleBabyBum


Friday is usually our reading day at school so here is a lovely story about a dog who grows up to find out he can do something really special.




Some Dogs Do by Jez Alborough

This is "Some Dogs Do by Jez Alborough" by Candlewick Press on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Now see if you can read this sentence.




I     am     big.    I     can     fly.



That was our sentence of the week. I am glad you can read and write it. 

Don't forget to try your Spider Maths.


Its all about positional language today.

Thursday 14th May.


Think about growing up and all the things you can do now you are older.

Babies cant walk or run or jump. now you can do all these things and so much more.

what do you think your best skills are ? Tell your grown ups what you are good at.

Maybe draw a picture of your super skill.

There is a song about growing up below.



Growing Up Song | Original Songs | By LBB Junior

As we get older we get taller and can do more things! Download LBB Junior videos © El Bebe Productions Limited - part of LittleBabyBum

Everywhere Babies

Here is a really sweet story all about babies.

Thursday is our writing day.

Have a go at writing our sentence all by yourself.

I am big. I can ...

Add the last word yourself.

Use your sounds to help.




White Rose Maths 

Spider Doubles today.



Tricky Words Phases 2+3

Check you are remembering your tricky words..

Wednesday 13th May

In the story Titch has the seed that grows into a big sunflower. have any of you planted sunflowers?

In the clip below you can see how a sunflower grows.


Time Lapse of Sunflower from Seed to Flower

This is a time lapse video of a dwarf sunflower growing from seed to full flower, then wilting. A version with a beautiful musical score can be found at http...

Katie & the Sunflowers

Tells the story of Katie's adventures in an art gallery

Painting sunflowers.

There is a very famous painting of sunflowers.

its fun to try your own.

If you don't have paints use crayons or felt tips.

You could make your own Art Gallery and put some pictures on facebook for us to look at.


Sentence and Maths.

Dont forget your sentence.

Use the cards you made yesterday to make our sentence.

Turn them over and write the sentence.

Peep if you need to.


The very Busy Spider Maths looks like fun.

Its a game today.


Tuesday 12th May

Today we are thinking about how babies grow up to be children and children grow up to be adults.

Once there were giants is a lovely story about a little girl growing up.


Once There Were Giants

Reading Once There Were Giants by Martin Waddell

Monday 11th May


Our theme this week is about growing but its about how we grow up and all the new skills we learn along the way.

Our story for the week is Titch.

Compare your Hand prints

Some people have been making family lockdown handprint souvenirs. You could make one with handprints in paint or print your hands into salt dough that you could bake then paint.

You could measure how tall people are. use your hands or a teddy or anything to measure with and compare sizes.


The Very Busy Spider - Animated Children's Book

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle This Goes with the Maths this week.


Get your grown up to write your sentence on cards

I an big.I can....

Add the last word yourself.

Now put the cards together and make the sentence.

copy it down.

Read Aloud | Titch by Pat Hutchins

Make a Pinwheel.


You could try to make a pinwheel like titch.

Follow the instructions below.

How to make a pinwheel that spins? DIY



  I am big.

  I can...


Add the last word yourself.



Friday 8th May

There is no school work today because it is a bank holiday.


Have a fun day celebrating V.E day with your family and a great long weekend.

There are ideas on our website for celebrating. look on the V.E. day page.

Make some bunting, have a picnic, do a dance, sing some songs.

I hope you have a lovely day. 


Thursday 7th May.

Today we are still thinking about the story of Jack and the beanstalk.

When Jack went up the beanstalk he found lots of golden coins.

Do you know about about money? 

Ask if you can look at some coins and find out how much they are worth.

There are two songs underneath that tell you all about money.

Money Song for Children UK

A money song about UK coins for young children. Covers 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.

The Money Song | UK Coins Song | Scratch Garden

The Money Song by Scratch Garden is a great educational song and video for teaching British coins and learning UK money values.

Coin rubbing.

Try doing some coin rubbings, if you cut them out you can use them as play money for a shop.

Thursday is our writing day.

Draw a picture of Jack and the beanstalk.

Underneath  write Jack went up the beanstalk.

if you are feeling clever see if you can write little bit more.

Jack saw a castle. Jack got a hen.

Whatever you like just use your sounds.

Wednesday 6th May



In the story of Jack and the Beanstalk Jack climbs up and finds the castle.

Have you got a toy castle of any sort? You could retell the story with some little characters.

You could be the giant.

Make a castle from junk or bricks.

You could try this idea

Make the clouds with foam bubbles , cotton wool or scrunched up tissues.


In the story the giants castle is sitting on a cloud.

did you know that there are different types of clouds. they are linked to different types of weather.

Check out some cloud facts.

Click on the link below. 


All About Clouds for Kids: Types and Names of Clouds - FreeSchool

We see clouds all the time, but have you ever really thought about them? What makes clouds? Why don't they fall down. find out about clouds.


Don't forget our sentence.

put the cards you made yesterday in order then turn them over.

try not to peep and write our sentence for yourself.

Jack went up the beanstalk.

Tricky Word Song

Check if you know these tricky words. If you don't know one write it down on a card to practice then try this video again.

Tuesday 6th May

Jack and the Beanstalk.

I hope you enjoyed the story yesterday, watch or read it again for fun.

In the story Jack sells his cow for some magic beans . If you had some magic beans what kind of magic would you like them to do?

You can watch Mr Bean trying to do some magic in the clip below.

Do you know any magic tricks.

Perhaps you could learn some. See if you can find a little stick to use as a magic wand. If you wanted to could make it a bit fancy with stars and sparkles and maybe ribbons.




MAGIC Bean | Handy Bean | Mr Bean Official

Mr Bean is trying some magic.

Monday 4th May.


This week we are carrying on thinking about growing but not just the usual sort we are thinking about a bit of magic. 

Our story this week is Jack and the Beanstalk .

You can find a version below or maybe you have the story of it at home.



Write our sentence on cards a word on each card.

Read the words and put the sentence in order.

now copy the sentence.

This week our sentence is 

Jack went up the beanstalk.



You can carry on with the White Rose Maths all about the hungry caterpillar this week.

You can find the link below.


Cooking with Beans.


We eat beans all the time and they are very good for us. 

you could try eating something made with beans today.

Maybe you could have beans on toast , cook a bean chilli. or try the recipe below for a bean salad.

You could make some cakes and decorate them with jelly beans or sprinkle jelly beans on your ice cream.

Beans P.E. game.

Here is a game where you pretend yo be different beans.

Perhaps your family could play it with you.

Jack and the Beanstalk Fairy Tale.

Watch or read the story then see if you can make a picture about it.

Beanstalk Challenge. 


See who you can make the tallest beanstalk.

you could use the ideas below or look on pinterest  some more.

Post your pictures on the JPS  early years group on Facebook and we can see who made a really tall one.

Sarasota County Libraries - Newspaper Craft - Beanstalk

Learn how to make a beanstalk using a rolled up piece of newspaper.


Get your grown up to write down our sentence today for you to copy.


this week it is.


Jack went up  the  beanstalk..


Oooh Look!

Maths this week is based on one of my favourite stories.

The Hungry Caterpillar.

I bet this is going to be fun.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

In the internationally acclaimed The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a tiny caterpillar eats and eats...and eats his way through the week. Taken from The Very Hungry ...

Friday 1st May

Friday today, our last day looking at the nursery rhyme Mary Mary Quite Contrary.

See if you can draw some flowers and plants from your garden or that you see on your walks.

there are so many different colours in gardens at the moment. I love lilac which is often a purple colour. What is your favourite.

You can collect flowers and press them to make cards and pictures. the link below will show you how.


Mary Mary Quite Contrary | Learn with Little Baby Bum | Nursery Rhymes for Babies | Songs for Kids

Here's the song to sing along.


A ladybird counting game 

and the last day of pirate maths, we will be counting pirate treasure and naming shapes.

Friday is reading book day.

I'm sorry I cant swap your reading book right now. 

In the meantime practice reading our sentences and learn your tricky words and of course have a go at reading your books at home. Your grown up can read the hard words and you can show your skills with the ones you know.

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Phase 3 Tricky Words song as requested by many :) Tricky words/sight words featured me, be, was, you, my, all, are, they, was. Tricky words These are tricky,...

Thursday 30th April.


I hope you have had fun growing things this week. I am looking forward to my seeds sprouting.

today you could have a go at making a garden on a plate or tray.

Put some soil on an old plate or tray,and maybe cover some of it with moss. you can make pond with a foil cake case or a bit of foil bent  to the shape. Now for the fun bit. choose sticks, leaves and twigs to make a fairy garden.

they can be as fancy as you like. use some of your toys as characters if you would like.

there are some ideas on the link below.


 Use the sentence we have made over the week.

Read the words and make the sentence.

Now take the cards away and write the sentence all by yourselves.

Draw a picture of your beautiful garden don't forget to extend your writing may be write two or three sentences .

I can see a flower in my garden.

I can see a tree in my garden.

I can see a bee and a butterfly in my garden.

Check that you have left finger spaces between your words and read your writing to your grown up.



 This week we have been following the pirate theme maths from White Rose. today its about making a pirate treasure ship.


Counting Down From Twenty Song

The Counting Down From Twenty Song by Have Fun Teaching is a counting song that teaches kids how to count down from 20 to 1 by ones. Have fun dancing to this song.

Wednesday 29th April.

Its been raining on our gardens this week. That's a good thing for our plants, they need water to grow.

When its raining if you go outside you can often find snails they love it when its wet. Put your wellies on and go for a snail hunt. 


Snails For Kids

Jess has a close look at some of the most easily-spotted minibeasts - snails. Their whole bodies act as a single foot, which ripples along on a trail of slim...

Making a journey stick.

If you wrap some sticky tape sticky side out round a stick you can collect little things you find on a walk or in your garden. you can stick them to the sellotape. here are some ideas for how to do this in the link below.



today use the cards you made yesterday. Read them put the words in the right order and then turn them over.

try to write the sentence without peeping, but check if you need to. Our sentence is...


I can see a flower in my garden.



 I posted details of the White Rose Maths on Monday have a look there for the link there is a page for day 3.

Its really fun today all about treasure hunting.


Let's Count to 20 Song.

Dont forget to learn your numbers. Here is a song we sometimes use in school to practice numbers up to 20.


Don't forget to learn your sounds.

Here are two websites to help.


Tuesday 28th April


This week we are thinking about gardens and the things that grow in them.

this weekend I planted some seeds and I am hoping some flowers will grow. you might have some seeds you could plant but if not here are some ideas of plants you can grow from food. when I was little my Mum used to give me the tops she cut off carrots. if you put them on a plate of water you can see them sprout up. I used them to make a forest for my toy animals .

Ideas for planting and growing.

Lets all see what we can grow. If you have seeds plant them if not you can have a go with these ideas.

Blooming Flowers Timelapse

While we are waiting for our seeds to grow here is something fun to watch.

BBC Bitesize Phonics.

Bbc bitesize is now providing phonics lessons. 

They are following a different scheme to the one we use at school, and their phases are slightly different but even so sound are sounds, and if you are looking for a simple but different way of practising your sounds these could be very useful. Most of Investigators would be looking at their phase three sounds. The link below will take you to the website.

If you want slightly easier look at phase two.



keep looking at the White Rose Maths on the link I shared on Monday. There is a new activity for everyday.




Today cut the words up and try to make your sentence.

Copy it when you have it right.


I can see a flower in my garden.

Monday 27th April.

Mary Mary Quite Contrary

This week we are going to be thinking all about things that grow in our gardens.
Mary, Mary, is a rhyme about a little girl who has an unusual garden.

Sentence For This Week.

I  can  see  a  flower in my garden.

This is a trickier sentence than usual I can and  see we should all be able to do do but flower and garden are a bit tricky.

Copy the sentence today so you can get an idea about how to write it.


As the week goes on if you can write this sentence easily you can change it up a bit.

I can see a bee in my garden.

I can see a butterfly in my garden.

or even I can see a pink flower in my garden.

Grown ups, you know your child ,so challenge them if you think they are more able, or stick to copying if that is what they need for now.

I will put the basic instruction for on each day for writing but in school I would be changing it as set out above to suit each child's needs.

By the time the children finish with Investigators class the expectation is that they can write simple sentences by themselves and their handwriting is neat enough for someone else to read it. Spellings do not need to be perfect. Gardin would be fine for garden at this stage, we would all know what it meant. One way to make children's writing easier to read is to insist they leave finger spaces (gaps) between their words

Well done to everyone who is trying so hard with their writing. Keep it up. I have seen some lovely work on our facebook page.




Have you got a  garden?

If you have draw a picture of some of the things you have in it. Do you have flowers, trees, leaves, bushes, paths, stones, slabs, weeds, tables and chairs, plant pots, a pond or water feature, a statue or bird feeder. have you got swings or a sand pit?

Whether or not you have a garden or not you could look at other peoples gardens when you go for a walk. I love doing this to get good ideas for my garden when I get round to it.

Some people have very fancy ones. 

You could have a go at drawing painting or sticking a picture of a garden you would like to have.

I have heard some people have paddling pools in their gardens and even hot tubs!




Garden ideas. Here are some pretty facy gardens to give you some ideas.


Do you ever help in the garden? This is a good time to help out everything is growing so fast.

perhaps you could help a bit in your garden.

Later in the week we are going to look at planting and what we might be able to grow.

If you are allowed the camera or phone you could take some pictures of anything interesting you find in yyour garden.

Maybe share a few on our Early Years Facebook page.

I'm looking forward to seeing them.

CBeebies Bedtime Stories Ellie Harrison The Night Pirates

Story for White Rose Maths this Week.

The Troll, read by Hywel

The Troll by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by David Roberts, read by Hywel
The other story for White Rose Maths this week.

Friday 24th April.

Today we are having a look at different animals that lay eggs.

click the link below to watch a video.

How To Make Dinosaur Ice Eggs

If you have any small dinosaur toys you could try this activity.

10 Little Dinosaurs.

sing along with this dinosaur song.

Writing and Drawing.You could draw some pictures of your favourite animals hatching out of eggs.

Try and write the name of them underneath.

Phonics Lessons on Youtube.

Ruth Miskin is the person who wrote the Read Write Inc scheme for phonics which we follow in our school.

The Read Write Inc team have made a youtube channel with phonics lessons on each day. If you are interested in this the link is below.

Thursday 24th April.

It's Writing Day

See if you can write our sentence by yourself today.


It    is    an     egg.


I wonder what is in your egg.  Did you think because today is our story writing day. 

Think of a sentence or two to write down.

my ideas were


It is an egg. 

It is a fish egg.

I can see a fish.

Perhaps you can use your sounds to write your own.

Wednesday 22 April.

Owl Babies Picture Book Animation

Here is a story about some little owls. Its one of our favourites and I thought you would enjoy it.
I kept seeing a big barn owl on my evening walks it was really beautiful.

Making a Birds Nest.

When I was little I used to love making birds nests in the garden. You could make one with grass and twigs. I always hoped a little bird would come and live in it but I dont know if they ever did. Are there any birds nests in your garden? You might not be able to see them but you might here the birds chirping  in the trees and going in and out of the bushes. Did you know that  different birds have different types of nests and lay different colours and sizes of eggs.

You could always make an edible nest with melted chocolate  and cereal.

If you want to try another way there is a link below for ideas.

Birds nest built from scratch in 30 second timelapse

5 hours of a thrush bird building its nest under a pergola starting at dawn reduced to 30 seconds of fast timelapse.



See if you can write our sentence by yourself today.

Use the word cards you made yesterday when you cut the sentence up tp peep if you get stuck. 

It    is    an     egg.


I wonder what is in your egg. Have a think because tomorrow is our story writing day. 

Think of a sentence or two to write tomorrow. Maybe


It is an egg. 

It is a fish egg.

I can see a fish.

Today you could read the sentences and tomorrow try to write them.


Looking for Birds.

You could look in your garden or when you go on a walk.

How many different birds can you see.

Listen for birds, even when you cant see them you can often hear birds singing.

An Easy Craft For Young Kids - Binoculars

You could make these binoculars and then go bird watching with them. I wonder how many birds you will see.

All About Birds for Children: Animal Learning for Kids - FreeSchool

Here are some facts about birds for you to discover.


Day three of Supertato


Tuesday 21st April.


Today lets sing the song Five Little Ducks.


Five Little Ducks | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs

We love this song in Investigators and this week we are thinking all about eggs.
This Mummy Duck has five babies but she loses one each time. This is a good song for talking about 1 less. Herecin Investigators we even squeeze maths into songs.

* DUCK * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV

Here is a little video about ducks. you can find out some duck facts. When you are out and about walking you might see some ducks.
about now ducks are making their nests and laying eggs. soon there will be baby ducklings to see.
maybe you could draw some duck pictures or cut out a duck shape and stick paper on to make a really pretty duck.

Danny the Duck with No Quack | Children's Books Read Aloud

Whatever happen to Danny Quack? Will he ever get it back? Maybe it takes an exciting take to get his quack back. Join us in the fun and adorable story.

Don't Forget Our Sentence.




It    is     an     egg.

today  cut the words up and put them together in the sentence then write it.

You could write a bit more if you like. what about 

It    is    a    duck.

Monday 20th April


Welcome back to Investigators home learning ideas after the Easter Break.




White Rose Maths are  using the book Supertato  as their theme for this week. 

all activities can be done without the book but here is a link to the story read on line.

Supertato - Bedtime Story Read Aloud

This is a good story to read anyway but this week it links with the White Rose Maths Ideas for Early Years.

Sentence Work.

This week our sentence is


   It     is     an       egg.

Today we copy the sentence so get your grown up to write it out for you or copy it from the screen.

if you feel like being super clever you could add some words in.

you could write

It is a big egg.

It is a blue egg.

It is a bird's egg.



This week we are thinking all about eggs, birds and other things that come from eggs.  Can you think of animals that come from  an egg. I thought of all sorts of birds, crocodiles, turtles, fish and dinosaurs. If you are mad about dinosaurs you can find out about them this week.

Here I have put a link to a film about a chick hatching out of its egg.

Baby Chick Hatching | Egg Hatching

Video showing chicken hatching from an egg. 🐤🐤🐤🐤 Please support my channel by liking and subscribing. Thanks Subscribe:

In your book or on some paper you could have a go at drawing a chick and an egg.

if you are feeling creative its really easy to draw a chick or make one from two circles of yellow paper or paint two yellow circles

Then add an orange beak and feet and little black eyes.

I'll try and make one later to show you.

You can put the pictures on our EYFS facebook page.





Friday 3rd April.


Easter Bonnet Day. 

If you've not made a hat yet make a quick one and wear it today at 11.OO to sing some songs with your family. Mine is just a circle of paper that I've coloured on.

Sing our Easter songs and have a mini Easter bonnet parade in your garden with your family.

How to Make a Paper Bunny Hand Puppet | Easter Craft for Kids

Have a go at making this easy paper bunny puppet or use the idea and turn it into another character if you like.

Easter Cards.

Design your own Easter cards and write a message in them for someone you love.


Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

Don't forget to keep learning your tricky words..

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

The next words if you are getting really clever at remembering the first song.

Reading over the holidays.

You can continue reading with the Collins Big Cat series I shared the link last Friday so check back there to find them.

I have found some little stories on  a website called Starfall and thought you might like to use them as well.

Click on the link below and you can work your own way through them.

Don't forget to share lots of story books and talk about the stories you read.

You can continue to write what you have read from any of these sources in your reading diaries.


Thursday 2nd April.

Today I thought it would be fun if we made a musical instrument to play tomorrow for our Easter Bonnet parade at home. 

I am going to look in my recycling bin and see if there is a box or bottle I can fill with a little bit of rice or pasta. 

See what you can find.


How to Make Maracas with Plastic Bottles | SuperHands: Easy Crafts DIY Craft Ideas Videos for Kids

SuperHands shakes it up with maracas made from plastic bottles and cardboard tubes. Use recycled materials from your home to create a fun rhythm instrument p...

The Way The Bunny Hops | Easter Bunny Song | Easter Songs for Kids | The Kiboomers

I found this Easter Bunny song I thought you would like . You can join in the actions as you sing along.

Thursday is our Writing Day.

The about our sentence.

The Bunny can hop.

See if you can write it by yourself today.

Don't forget to leave finger spaces between the words.

Maybe if you are feeling clever you could use your sounds to write another sentence of your own.

Phonics - Learn to Read | The Cat Sat on the Mat | Letter Teams | Alphablocks

The Apha blocks can help you blend letters to make say words have a go with them today.


In school we were beginning to learn about subtraction.

See if you can still remember how to do it.

Grown ups write down some simple subtraction questions

for example

7 -4 =



use objects to help solve the problems.

get the first number of objects then take away the second number.

Well done Investigators you are working so hard.


Wednesday 1st April.

Today we can find out about Easter.

Easter is a Christian Festival but some of the traditions go back a lot longer than that.

Find out about some Easter traditions in the CBeebies clip.

It also tells the Easter story told with sand pictures.  Parents you might want to watch it first and decide for yourself if you would like your child to see it. At school we usually watch the getting ready for Easter clip and then just talk about people who go to church celebrating a special day. Its a tough story for children to understand and it will depend on your families beliefs.

Easter Traditions.

talk to your family about what your family do to celebrate Easter.

At school we have an Easter Bonnet Parade.

Some people go to church.

Maybe you hunt for eggs in your garden.

You might eat hot cross buns.

Draw some pictures about what you do at Easter.



Hot Cross Buns | Nursery Rhymes | Super Simple Songs

Get the Super Simple App for iOS! ► 🎶Hot cross buns. Hot cross buns. One a penny, two a penny. Hot cross buns.🎶 Just in time for Good Friday...


Could you make some hot cross buns, the recipe is in the Easter Holiday section of the class pages.

If you cant make  something else or make some out of salt dough, or scrunched up paper.

weighing and measuring is all maths.

You could compare the sizes of the  hot-cross buns, or count up how many you've made and work out how many each member of the family could have. How many would you have left if you ate one or two.

some of the Investigators  and Explorers were baking outside last week in their sand pits.



Sentence and sounds

Today have a go at writing your sentence by yourself. Make your sentence with the word cards from yesterday and then turn them over.

try to write your sentence by yourself. Peep if you need to.

You have your sounds and words to practice  try to do them every day.

Phonics lesson 2: or

The next phonics lesson, learning the digraph 'or'

Tuesday 31st March.




For Maths today look at the White Rose Maths ideas I added earlier today you can find them at the bottom of today's work. 

They are based around a story and I have added the stories on Youtube in case you don't have them at home.

Phonics lesson 1: ar

a phonics lesson to teach ar

Mr Mc will teach you all about the sound ar...
its not quite how we do it at Jacksdale but its lots of fun and you can learn to read some new words.

Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark | Baby Shark Hand Wash Challenge | @Baby Shark Official

Mrs Tracey found us this song to help us remember to wash our hands.
Sing a long and wash your hands with baby shark.

Sentence work.


Our sentence this week  is 


The      bunny     can    hop.



Chop up the sentence your grown up wrote yesterday and muddle it up 

see if you can put the words back in the correct order then copy it down.

Easter Bonnet Parade. 

It will be a different Easter bonnet parade this year, lets all dust down our bonnets or have fun making new ones and have lots of mini parades in our own gardens.

If you look on the class pages for the daffodil and go to the music section you will find our Easter songs

Start learning them today so that you will be pitch perfect by Friday.

Then on Friday at 11:00 we can all sing them whilst showing off our hats. get your grown ups to make a bonnet too. Post your photos on the Jacksdale Primary school Facebook page if you would like to.


White Rose Maths

There have been a flurry of websites offering free access to parents during school closure which as parent or teacher can be overwhelming. White rose is one them that I think it would be helpful and fun to do. I have shared the link on the school facebook page. They are based on a story with activities for each day

I have put them here as a possibility that you might enjoy. Please do not feel you have to work through every one.

What the Ladybird Heard

What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. Children's picture book and sound effects made by my little girl. Check out


Hi everyone, I'm Kittykat and welcome to my channel. If you want more Julia Donaldson books, please click the link below:

Monday 30th March.

This week if we were at school we would be learning all about Easter and Easter traditions.

We can still do this together even if we are at home.

I will try to find all the best Easter stories and songs for you and some lovely activities to do at home, but dont forget to have a lovely time with your family as well.

If I were the Easter Bunny Storybook // Read Aloud by JosieWose

Here is a little story I love to read at Easter. I'm glad I found it on youtube so we can still share it.

Bunny Hop.

You could make a headband with bunny ears and pretend to be the Easter bunny.

see if you can do bunny hops all over your garden. What is the biggest hop you can do?

Can you hop and carry a bucket or basket as well?

Make yourself am Easter Bunny run, put something for eggs like balls, potatoes or rolled up socks in a line in your garden. Hop along and collect them all up. Race another person in your house.

Happy Hopping.

Counting Easter Eggs.


Click on the link to play.

Our Sentence this week.


The       bunny       can       hop.




On Monday we copy the sentence so ask your adult to write it out on a strip of paper and copy it underneath.

continue to practice your sounds and words.



Ten Bunnies Counting Song 1-10 | Easter Song | Lyrics | Easter Bunny | Kids Song

You can join in with the hopping in this counting song.

Friday 27th March.


Today is our last day of thinking about what jobs people do.

I thought it would be interesting to see what jobs you think you you would like to do when you are grown up.

Here is a story to start us off.

When I Grow Up by Andrew Daddo & Jonathan Bentley

Talk about the jobs the people you know do. Mrs Latham is a teacher, I bet you see the doctor and dentist sometimes and maybe a hairdresser. We are served by shop assistants in the co-op and we see bus drivers zoom by from our playground every day.
Have a think about what kind of job you would like to do when you grow up.

Role play/dramatic play.

Pretend to do some of the jobs we've been thinking about. If you have dressing up clothes you could use them, but  you could make outfits for some jobs from your everyday clothes. My little boy used to pretend to be a baker in his toy kitchen with a woolly hat on! 

Here are few ideas,

Shops with a small table and boxes or cans,

Doctors with a medical set or homemade medical kit.

Farmer or vets with soft toy animals.

car mechanic with overalls and tools bought, real or homemade.

handyman or builder similar.

ballerina, fancy dress and some music.

at school we sneak in writing activities making signs and such like and sometimes that's fun to do.

Perhaps don't try hair dressers!! 


Reading Books.

I'm so sorry I won't be able to change your reading books this week. If you click on the link below you will be able to read one of the Big Cat Readers. look for one on your present reading band. so pink , red or yellow for the Investigators. Look on the book you currently have in your book bag. There should be a coloured sticker on its spine. If you are not sure start on a red book and see how that goes. While we are not at school you can keep your reading up by reading stories at home with your grown ups, trying these online books and reading our weekly sentences. I'm trying to find plenty of youtube videos to practise our sounds as well.

by the summer holidays we should all be able to read simple sentences and write them too. Keep going you can do it. If you make a collection of our weekly sentences it will make quite a few you can read and write. This is the way we do it at school.

"Alphabet Occupations" - ABC Jobs Song for Kids | Learn the alphabet phonics with Jobs & Occupations

Learn the alphabet and phonics sounds with the Alphabet Occupations song! What do you want to be when you grow up? Maybe an astronaut, a firefighter or an en...


Dear Investigator grown ups,

 At school we have been working on simple addition and subtraction.

I have mixed feelings about worksheets as I like to do things as practically as possible but in the current circumstances a few might be useful.

Here is an addition sheet you can use if you are able to print. If not maybe you could write out some simple addition questions for the children to do using the small objects to count out.

the children have learned about addition and subtraction to 5 or 10.  If you think this sheet is to easy or hard for your child search the site for something you feel would be better as the children naturally have differing confidence levels.

Thursday 26th March 

Today we will be thinking about the jobs a Zookeeper does.


Our sentence is


   I have got a job.

Today is our writing day so try to write the sentence all by yourself.

If you are feeling clever add the sentence

    I am a Zoo keeper.


Then draw a picture of you looking after all the animals.








Topsy and Tim Go To The Zoo | Story Time for Children

Would you like to be a zoo keeper? What kind of jobs do you think you would like to do?
Have you ever been to a zoo? you could draw a picture or write a sentence about it.

Phonics Blending Song CVC Words and More

You can read the words in your folder and practice your tricky words but if you want a change try reading the words on this video.

Sesame Street: Find the Number 14

We are up to number 14 wow!
See if you can put your number cards in order up to 14. Maybe you can find number 14 somewhere around your house.

Wednesday 25th March.


Today I have chosen a super exciting Job.

This little girl would like to be an astronaut.

Talk to your family about what kind of things an astronaut would need to be good at.





I Want To Be An Astronaut - Kids Dream Jobs - Can You Imagine That?

This is Julia and she wants to be an Astronaut, Can You Imagine That?


Things you could do.


Go and play in the garden. Be a rocket going to the moon.

land on the moon and collect some moon rocks,

count how many you have collected.

In the link below there are lots of ideas about for Maths with a space theme. There are far to many to do but I thought you might like to look at them and choose one or two to do.

You could cut some stars or planets out to decorate.






Remember our sentence.



I       have        got         a       job.


Have a read of the sentence , then don't look at it.

Try to write it without peeping.





Whatever Next!

This is a story we enjoyed reading at school. the little bear uses a box to get to space. Have you got a box or plastic tub you could use to play in?


Play dough recipes if you would like to try dough disco or just have fun !

Here are a couple of recipes but there are hundreds to try if you google homemade playdough.

Tuesday 24th March

Today we are still working on the jobs people do.

The job we will be thinking about today is baker.



Phonics and sentence work.


Our sentence will be the same one as yesterday. This time ask an adult to write it out on a strip of paper and cut it up so each word is separate. 


I have got a job.


Practice reading it a few times then muddle the sentence up. can you put it in the right order. 

then turn the words over and try to write it from memory. you can always turn them over for a quick peep if you forget.


Check your phonics books to keep on learning all your sounds.



There is a link to a site with free print out worksheets for phonics.

please do not think I am expecting you to do these with your child but if your child enjoys them and you are able to print them they are there as an option.


Read the sets of words in your reading folder a few on a daily basis.






Sesame Street: Count's Number of the Day -- 13

Today see if you can learn all about number 13. Mrs Latham used to watch Sesame Street with her children. you could count out little groups of 13 objects. check you haven't forgotten 11 and 12.

I want to be a Baker - Kid's Dream Job - Can You Imagine That?

Logan imagines what it would be like to be a baker.

What could you bake?

See if you can be a baker for your family.

May be you have the ingredients to make fairy cakes, or pancakes. 

I will add some recipes so click on the link below.

While you are at home you could start helping a little bit more with meal times.

Sandwiches  are easy to make and you can cut them in fun shapes.

Don't forget to take photos of the things you do. 


Birthday Cake coloring, drawing and painting for kids | Learn Colors | Watercolors paints for kids

Here is one way of drawing a birthday cake. You could copy this idea or make a picture of a cake in your own way.

Monday 23rd March

Phonics and Literacy.

Check in your green or Yellow books and find some of the sounds you are not sure of.

Ask your grown up helper to write them on small squares of card. you could use an old cereal packet or something like that. Now you have your own sound cards to work on.

You could make some words with them.

Lets have a new sentence to for this week.


 I     have    got      a      job.


Your grown up helper can write the sentence for you to copy today. Later in the week you can write it yourself








Count to twenty with this song today.

Numbers in the Teens (Have a Group of 10)- [a place value song for kids]

a song all about teen numbers for you to learn.

Today we are thinking about number twelve. See if you can count out twelve objects.

you could use little toys or bricks. Look at the number twelve. See if you can write it.

make a number line with the number cards in your reading folder. if you were not at school when we gave them out just as a grown up to write the numbers on cards for you. when you count you can point to each number on your number line.

Learn 12

This video shows you different ways of remembering number 12 you could try some of these at home.

I Want To Be A Pilot - Kids Dream Jobs - Can You Imagine That?

A little boy is talking about his dream job. He would like to be a pilot.
What does a pilot do? Find out in this video.

Talk about jobs.


Our topic at the moment is different jobs in the video the little boy would like to be a pilot.

What do you know about that job?

Have you ever been on an aeroplane?

Where would you go if you could go anywhere?

How high do you think a plane goes?

You could find out some facts from the internet,

There are lots of clips of real planes flying and you could also look at different types of planes.

Maybe you could draw a picture of one or make a paper aeroplane.

Start saving your boxes now because you can make great models from recycled materials.

ULTIMATE Planes for children | jet planes, bi-planes, seaplanes, airplanes for kids

Do you love planes? Then check out our collection of different aeroplanes in this awesome video. Some are bi-planes, commercial aeroplanes during take-off, f...

Click the link below for ideas to make model planes.

Friday 20th March

Singing Hands: Five Little Firemen - Nursery Rhyme - Makaton Sign Language

A fun song to sing along with taking away one each time. See if you can learn some of the signs.

Creative Activity


Either paint your hand and print with it or draw round your fingers with a pencil on a piece of paper.

You can turn your fingers into firemen by drawing hats on them and jackets. join them all together with a hosepipe. Click on the link below to see an example.


Have a go at your speed sounds. Either in your little booklet or from the video we looked at yesterday.


 If you have words in your reading folder have a go at reading some of them.


I have changed our sentence.

I bet I can't trick you, can you read it? ( grown up helpers  could you write our sentences out on a strip of paper it would be nice to make a collection of sentences the children can read.


   I    am    Pam.    I can run.




Yesterday we were sorting out items to count. If you didn't get chance look for some now.

Today we are going to count out 11. Count out 11 of each of your items.

Practise writing 11 its easy just 1 and 1. Did you know that the first one is really a ten ?

below is a song that explains it all.

Numbers in the Teens (Have a Group of 10)- [a place value song for kids]

Numbers in the Teens (Have a Group of 10) this song tells you a little bit about how teen numbers work.

Londons Burning Sing A Long

This is an old song Mrs Latham can remember singing when she was little. It might be fun to learn today.

Thursday 19th March

 Here are some of the things which would be in our normal Thursday at school. If you are at home try to join in with us and write in your homework book or on some paper if you were not at school to receive one.

keep the things you do so we can look at them together when we get back. Sending love to you all.




This always our first lesson at school.

our phonics scheme is called   READ WRITE INC.

As its name implies it teaches us to read and write.

 We have two groups at school. The first working on set one sounds and the second working on set two.

if you have a green phonics booklet you work on set 1 and if it is yellow set 2.

of course once you have completed set one you can move yourself up to set two.

Every day we say our speed sounds you can use these videos to do this at home.





RWI Speed Sounds Set 1

Read Write Inc Speed Sounds: Set 1 This video is aimed to help you understand what each of the sounds in Set 1 sound like.

RWI Set 2 Sounds

Set two sounds for you to try at home


After playtime it is our maths time.

We work on numbers up to 20.

At school we would be learning to read numbers to twenty. 

So most of us know all our numbers to 10 but if you are not quite sure yet this song helps you read and recognise all the numbers to 20.

There are lots of other songs and games on the internet to help you with this, I will try to look for a good one each day.


Let's Count to 20 Song For Kids

Let's sing and count to 20 in this fun children's song!

After we have practiced our numbers we usually do some kind of practical maths activity.

fot these you will need some things you can count. Make it your job today to sort some things today that you can count. I don't know what you have at home but maybe pasta, lego bricks, small cars, paper clips hair bobbles or little toy characters. Make a little collection you can use each day. you will need twenty items.

You can use these to count out the number of the day. well start that next week.


                                    Thursday is writing day.

      Our sentences this week are


                  I am Sam.

                  I can help.

    First check you can read all the words. your grown up can help.

then cover the words up and try an write the sentence by yourself.


( note to grown up helper.You can help by saying the words really slowly helping your child to hear the sounds in the word. Really stretch the word  out as you say it.)


You could draw a picture of fireman Sam helping someone.


Then go and play firefighters out doors. You don't need anything but if you had a skipping rope or something like that you could use it for a hose , put your wellies on for firefighters boots and see if there is anyone you can help.

  The link below shows you how to make a firefighters hat. Take a photo to show us when we are all back at school.



I Want To Be A Firefighter - Kids Dream Jobs - Can You Imagine That?

Jack wants to be a firefighter. He imagines what it would be like to wear the firefighters heavy uniform and live at a fire station. Jack would exercise so t...

Story Time for Investigators.

Pete the Cat: Firefighter Pete

Pete the Cat: Firefighter Pete by James Dean Read by Let's Read Stories When the fire alarm goes off, it's Pete the Cat to the rescue! In Pete the Cat: Firef...

We use this song at school to help us learn the tricky words.

They are words that we cannot sound out using the letter sounds we know. Please also keep working on the words in your reading folders. They are the ones you should be able to work out using sounds and of course the sounds themselves in the yellow and green booklets.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

Sing along to help you learn those tricky words..

Hello from Mrs Latham.

This week at school we have been learning all about Fire-fighters.

to link with this I have found you something to do at home.

The Fireman Sam Website has lots of things for you to look at and do at home.

Have fun.

I'll be updating our page with things to do as I find them.


This week at school we were going to be doing a firefighter training course.

you could do a mini one at home.  Do a few warm up exercises like running on the spot and jumping and stretching then see if you and your grown up can make a little obstacle course. You could do this inside if you have to but outside would be better. Use things you can find like sticks or ropes too balance along and boxes to jump over. Have fun. Maybe your adult could time your laps.


If you are self-isolating at home, feel free to access any of these websites, resources and games to keep the learning going while you can't temporarily be at school. Keep those brain cells going and have fun!

Phonics Play

Twinkl Parents Hub

Classroom Secrets Kids!

Non-Screen Activities from Pobble

Usborne Quick Links

Seasonal fun for Halloween and Bonfire Night.

The Little Raindrop

Investigating Autumn Leaves.

Phonics Song 2

It's a phonics song with a picture for each letter. This is designed to help children learn the sounds of the letters in the English alphabet. Written and performed by A.J.Jenkins Copyright 2009 A.J.Jenkins/KidsTV123. All rights reserved. This is an ORIGINAL song written in 2009 - any copying is illegal.

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song Check out our printable phonics resources and online games! A tricky word/sight word song for children covering the, I, go, no, to, she, he and we. Tricky words, these are tricky tricky tricky tricky tricky words! Don't let them trick you!

RWI Speed Sounds Set 1

Read Write Inc Speed Sounds: Set 1 This video is aimed to help you understand what each of the sounds in Set 1 sound like.

We play outside everyday.

Music time

We visit the Nursery Two Afternoons a Week.

Having Fun Outside.