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Head Teacher Welcome

Welcome! Miss Brockerton's Head Teacher Message 2020

Miss Brockerton would love to say hello in person, but hopefully this video will tide everyone over in the meantime!

Welcome to the brand new pages of our website which will give you some information to help you get ready for the new school year...


Normally we would have seen you all and you would have had a taster session with your new class and new teacher, whether you already come to our school or whether you are joining us in September.  But this year it's a little bit different...


We're going to be adding different information to our new transition area pages in the next week or two, so remember to check back regularly!  Parents / carers can expect to receive an email with a lot of this information, as well as information about which class the children will be in, in the next few days...


And next week, Mrs Davies is going to work her magic and create my virtual Head Teacher video which we'll upload right here :) 


We are all looking forward to seeing you and meeting you again in September - keep smiling, stay safe and remember - be kind!