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Friday 22nd May 2020


We made it! And it looks like the glorious weather has returned as a reward for all your hard work with your Home Learning since school closed.


It's been a bit of a roller coaster ride for all of us, but we are SO proud of how you've adapted to this brand new way of learning. Whether you've kept up to date with every single lesson, or pick and mixed with some busy days and other chilled ones, you've kept those brain cells going and worked in a completely different way. 


We still can't predict exactly what will happen after half term, but rest assured that all the staff in Year 5/6 will be thinking of how best to keep you safe, happy and learning. We wish we could flick a switch and everything could go back to normal, but that can't happen just yet. We've just got to take things day by day and keep smiling! What we have noticed is that this unusual time has meant more of you have got to spend more time with your family, learning new skills, being creative, exploring outdoors and keeping in touch with your friends. That. Is. Brilliant. 


We're here if you need us and hope you have a lovely break over half term! 


Lots of love from Mrs D and Mrs N