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Friday 15th May 2020


Good morning and Happy Friday!


Today would have been our Year 6 celebration day, with both Year 5 and 6 spending the vast majority of the day hanging out on the Welfare field. We are genuinely gutted that this can't happen this year, but we are still celebrating the amazing achievements of our kids. 


Dear 5/6, you have shown:


* flexibility - who would have thought your summer term would look like this?

* courage - you have kept going and tried a brand new way of learning for the whole country

* creativity - we have been blown away by the fun activities you guys have been up to at home


SO WELL DONE! We'll be raising our tea and biscuits to you today!


Apparently the weather will be improving this weekend, and with the change of rules to more than one outdoor exercise session per day, we've found this brilliant challenge from The National Trust. If you are able to get out and about this weekend, there are mini-tasks to see if you can complete. Remember to check with your adult that you're safe and sticking to the social distancing rules, but let us know on Purple Mash or the FB groups if you manage to complete any.


Thinking of you all and hoping you have a fab weekend!

Love from Mrs D and Mrs N




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