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Happy Summer holidays everyone. Have a lovely time.

See you in September.


It has been a strange term as we

haven’t been able to see each other.

Now we are missing to say good bye.

Lots of hugs and kisses to you all

Big Explorers!

From Mrs Tracey, Mrs Davis and Mrs Hawtin xxx





                           This is our last week of home learning.

This week we are listening to traditional stories: 

3 Little pigs and Little Red Riding Hood.

Let's have a fun week of acting out, making, building, singing and dancing.

Week 20-24th of July Activities

Week 13th  to 17th of July

This week we are still exploring Under the sea. 

I wonder what other sea creatures we can find.

Let's start with a Rainbow fish story.

13th to 17th of July: stories and activities.

Week 6th to the 10th of July

This week we are learning about sharks.

We are listening to stories and learning facts about sharks. I wonder what do you know already about sharks? 

You can make shark crafts and games.

Planning for a week 6th to 10th of July.

Shark craft ideas

Tuesday 7th of July

On Monday we found all these pictures and names of the shark species. Some have very funny names like Pyjama shark that made us laugh.

Have a look if you can find it too.

We hid toy sharks around the nursery play area and used our telescope to find them. We looked up, down and all around.

-Maybe you could ask an adult to hide something around your outdoor area or when you go for a walk and then you could look through your "telescope" to see if you could find them.

Monday 6th of July

Squish the Fish | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

We join Jaime for a Cosmic Kids yoga adventure all about learning to have your own adventures. This kids yoga story is a great helper for kids who find it ha...

Shark in the Park! by Nick Sharratt

Mrs Tracey's favorite story. Maybe you could make a telescope just like Timothy Pope.

Week 29th of June to 3rd of July

This week we are learning about frogs and their life cycle.


Craft activities for the week.

Friday 3rd of July

Frog on a Log Song

There is a frog on a log and a cat in a bag, but what do they eat? Find out in BINGOBONGO Learning's newest video! Get the free lyric sheet for this song and...

Frog song

Thursday 2nd of July

Tooty Ta | Hip Hop Tooty Ta | Tooty Ta Hip Hop | Tooty Ta Song | Brain Breaks | Jack Hartmann

Tooty Ta is super popular children's song as part of your "brain breaks" for students to get some fun physical activity, and rejuvenate their body and brain....

Crazy Frog - Axel F (Official Video)

Wednesday 1st of July


CBeebies | Mr Tumble's Alphabet Song

Learn the alphabet with Mr Tumble from Something Special! How well do you know your A-Z's? For more Mr Tumble, visit Something Special on CBeebies: https://w...

Tuesday 30th of June

The Teeny Weeny Tadpole | Books for Kids Read Aloud

Every creature that the teeny weeny tadpole meets seems to be able to jump, except him. Then he meets the big bad fish, who can't jump - but he can swim very...

This Is How a Tadpole Transforms Into A Frog | The Dodo

This Is How a Tadpole Transforms Into A Frog. Watch how these tadpoles start as tiny circles on a leaf and undergo a metamorphosis to turn into frogs!

Little Green Frog Song | Nursery Rhyme | Went The Little Green Frog One Day | The Kiboomers

Monday 29th of June

Workout to the Letter Sounds | Version 2 | Letter Sounds Song | Phonics for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann's Workout to the Letter Sounds engages students to use their bodies and brains while learning the letter sounds.

Oi Frog - Kes Gray/Jim Field


Five Little Speckled Frogs | Nursery Rhymes

 Week 22- 26 of June


This week we are going to learn about different insects.

Maybe you could go bug hunting. There was a snail on our Pirate ship this week and we made him a home in the flower bed. I wonder if he's still there?



We have included a craft idea sheet below and you can choose what you would like to make this week.


Friday 26th of June

You have heard this story about a Very Hungry Caterpillar before. 

Do you think you could make up your own story about a caterpillar?

You caterpillar could be hungry too. What could he find to eat in your garden?

Or maybe your caterpillar is tired and keeps falling a sleep in different places, maybe even in your shoe??

Can you make up your story or just draw a picture of  your caterpillar.

The Butterfly Song for Children | Egg Caterpillar Chrysalis | Patty Shukla

Butterfly Song for Children. The four stages of the butterfly. Butterfly song and dance. Dance the four stages of the butterfly egg, caterpillar, chrysalis a...

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

Caterpillars For Kids

Watch more Caterpillar videos: Explore the wildlife that lives on their doorsteps, beginning with caterpillars. See ...

White Rose maths

Thursday 25th of June


Kids Yoga with Bari Koral: "Fly Like a Butterfly" by Radiant Child Yoga & Bari Koral

The Very Greedy Bee by Steve Smallman and Jack Tickle

I Love Bugs! By Philemon Sturges

This is a story about all kinds of bugs!

Insect Song | Insects for Kids | Bug Songs | Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs

Wednesday 24th of June

Today would have been our sports day and such a beautiful

weather as well. Maybe you could do some races with your family 

around you garden or in an other outdoor area.

- Egg and spoon race...or even Maltese or Smartie and a tea spoon race.

- Pick up objects race... cap, one wellie boot, toy and something you take to the beach. For parents race you could add them a large cup of water or just squirt them with water when they are running.

- Then just run - just be aware the adult is now able to squirt you with water!

Have Fun 

Mr Sun, Sun, Mister Golden Sun!

Remember your sun cream and a hat

Preschool Learn to Dance: Bugs and Crawly Things

The Bad Tempered Ladybird

By Eric Carle Published by Puffin

The Stunning Life Cycle Of A Ladybug | The Dodo

We have lady bird larvae on our apple tree and they are eating all the green flies that have been eating the leaves.

Ladybird Song for Children

This month Lucy Sparkles and Alice Sparkles sing 'I'm a Ladybird', a cute little action song about ladybirds. EYFS Aims: Personal, Social & Emotional Develop...

White Rose maths

Tuesday 23rd of June

Let's learn about stick insects.

Stella the Stick Insect | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

I love you stick insect

Stick insect - Natural History Watch what these nocturnal stick insects are up to. Find science explorations and other good stuff for kids, parents...

Inspect An Insect

There are more insects in the world than any other kind of animal! In this episode of SciShow Kids, Jessi and Squeaks show you how to identify an insect, in ...

Insect Song | Insects for Kids | Bug Songs | Nursery Rhymes | Kids Songs

White Rose maths

Monday 22nd of June

Let's learn about spiders.

Spider Power yoga compilation | Cosmic Kids Yoga

Would you like to have Spider-hero powers?

The Very Busy Spider - Animated Children's Book

Come Outside - Spiders

It's bath day for Pippin and Auntie Mabel finds a spider in her bath. They both go to visit a spider expert, who shows a tarantula to Pippin and Mabel. When ...

Incy Wincy Spider

Incy Wincy Spider This weeks nursery rhyme has more fantastic singing by Marri Nallos. You may be surprised to lea...

White Rose maths

Friday 18th of June


Maybe you could set up your own vegetable shop. You could draw some of the veg and fruit to put in the shop or maybe you have your own play food.  You could make a sign, labels and money to use in the shop.

Zumba Kids (easy dance) - I like to move it

You can support me : This is my first ever Zumba kids group in Gargždai city and they are dancing only one month! So ...

Eat Your Greens Goldilocks Read Aloud l Goldilocks and The Three Bears

Thursday 17th of June


Betsy the Banana | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Oliver's Fruit Salad

Fruit Song for Kids | The Singing Walrus


Maybe you would like to sort some fruits and vegetables.

You could use your toys or real fruit and vegetables.

You could sort them in two groups- how many do you have in each group?

Which ones are your favorite?



Wednesday 17th of June


Hope you enjoy the stories, activity songs, making and craft activities.




The Wiggles Nursery Rhymes - Hot Potato

Come Outside - Carrots

CBeebies | How To Grow Carrots | Down On The Farm

Eat Your Peas - Read Along Story

Tuesday 16th of June


Today we are going to watch Auntie Mabel and Pippin learn how crisps are made.

Which are your favorite crisps?



We are going to pull up our nursery potatoes today.  

Have a look at a film to learn how potatoes are harvested in a farm.

Come Outside - Crisps

Auntie Mabel and Pippin visit The Golden Wonder Crisps factory, to see how crisps are made.

Earthy potatoes

Harvesting potatoes in the farm.


Potato printing

Monday 15th of June


This Tuesday would have been the time to pull up our potatoes all together, but as we can't do this we are going to do this with the children who are currently in the nursery. 

Can you remember planting them in February?

Mrs Tracey has taken them to her garden to look after and will bring them back on Tuesday.

Then we need to weigh them to take part in the Grow your own potatoes competition.

The heaviest crop wins. Fingers cross.


This week we are learning about potatoes, vegetables and fruit. 

I know some of you have been planting vegetables. What have you planted? Are your vegetables ready to be harvested? Let us know by putting pictures on our Facebook. 



Photos of Explorers planting potatoes in February.

Brain Break ♫ Exercise Song for Kids ♫ Fitness Songs Kids ♫ Move with Me ♫ The Learning Station

Oliver's Vegetables Story

Do you like chips? Oliver does, in fact, he won't eat anything else - until ....

Vegetable Song

Vegetables Are Good For Us

Friday 12th of June


Two more bear stories for you to enjoy.

Maybe you could make up your own bear story:

Draw some pictures and ask and adult to write it down for you.


THIS IS THE BEAR by Sarah Hayes and Helen Craig

When the dog pushes the bear into the rubbish, the boy sets for the dump to rescue him. Let's see what happens next!

Bear Snores On

Jokes - The Fozzie Bear Show! |

Fozzy bear tells jokes. Maybe you could post your favourite joke on our Facebook page.

Guess the Sound | 30 Animal Sounds Quiz 2 | Wildlife Trivia

Thursday 11th of June


This week you have heard two stories about Eddie and his teddy Freddie.

You could retell the stories to your family.

Today's story is about  - Eddie and his new friend-  My friend bear.

My Friend Bear


Feelings Songs for Children ♫ Emotions Songs for Kids ♫ Kids Word Power Song ♫ The Learning Station

Wednesday 10th of June

Let’s have a picnic – what would you put in your lunch box?

What’s your favorite sandwich filling?

Can you make some sandwiches if so then what shape would you cut them?

Where are you going for your picnic? In the tent, under a tree, in the garden, maybe not in the cave there might be a bear…

Listen to the story -This is the Bear and a picnic lunch. What did the boy put in his lunch box?

This is the bear and the picnic lunch by Sarah Hayes

Listen to the story of the picnic lunch - have you ever had a picnic.

Teddy Bears Picnic ~ . Maybe make a picnic for you teddies whilst singing this song

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Phonics - I spy, with my little eye...


Shapes song for kids |

We are excited to present our Shape Song, a groovy and interactive song for kids that introduces four 2D shapes: circle, triangle, square, and rectangle. In ...

Tuesday 9th of June




Where's My Teddy? by Jez Ahlborough

Just dance Gummy bear

Monday 8th of June


This week we continue to listen to Bear stories and enjoy lots of fun activities.


It's the Bear! by by Jez Alborough

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Turn Around

Sing and copy the actions.

Friday 5th of June


What about going on a Lion hunt? Do lions live in a cave?


You could make a bear or a lion. Have a look at an idea below.

Where would your lion or a bear live?

Maybe you could make them a home using some construction or maybe your winter hat could make

a cosy cave. You might have your own idea.


We're Going on a Lion Hunt Song | Kids Song | Camp Song | Animal Song | The Kiboomers

The Kiboomers! We're Going on a Lion Hunt! Grab your binoculars, we're going on a lion hunt! We're Going on a Lion Hunt is a fun action song for kids. It hel...

Paper Lion || How To Make A Paper Lion Easy

You could make a lion or a bear. You decide.

Thursday 4th of June


Today we are watching author Michael Rosen reading his book.

Can you follow his actions and make the sounds?


Can you tell the story like Michael Rosen?

You could use your map and a teddy to retell the story to an adult? Try to remember all the sounds in the story. 

You could make the sounds by shaking paper for the long wavy grass,  swirl hands in water or open a tap to make the sound  for the river and swirling whirling  snowstorm you could be shaking rice in a can etc. 

Mud now...what could you do for the mud?



Let's start  the day with an action song - one of our favorites.

Jump Up, Bend Down - One of our favorites.

"Jump Up, Bend Down " exercise song for kids is a popular brain break, action and dance song for children sung by Don Monopoli of The Learning Station (Also,...

Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt For a quarter of a century, readers have been swishy-swashying and splash-sploshing through the award-winning favourite pictur...

🐻 PHONICS Sounds with Boey Bear- b for a bear

Wednesday 3rd of June

We continue to think about the  Bear hunt story and how the story is structured.

-Can you make a map to follow when going on a bear hunt, add long wavy grass, water, mud and so on. You can paint, draw or collage to make your map, maybe you could use real grass! You could use a small bear toy to follow the map and retell the story. 

- You could act out the story with your family.

You could make a map like this.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Storytelling Song

Reading books can be a real adventure! In this video, Astrid and Dafne bring the story of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt" by Micheal Rosen alive.

Sensory Walk - fun outdoor kids sensory activity

Take your shoes off and go for a sensory walk.
What does it feel like walking on the grass, splashing in the water, squelching in the mud, stepping on cotton wool or even shaving foam.. What else you could try?

Tuesday 2nd June. 

Let's start today by singing a song.


We're Going on a Bear Hunt | Popular Song for Preschoolers | The Kiboomers

The Kiboomers! Grab your binoculars, we're going on a bear hunt! We're Going on a Bear Hunt is a fun action song for kids. It helps introduce prepositions to...


Let's move with Panda, you all know this and it's Mrs Davis' favourite!

Finding out!

Let's see what information we can find out about bears.

Bears 101 | Nat Geo Wild

Bears are some of nature's greatest beasts. Learn about the eight species of bears, what they eat, how many cubs they birth, and if they actually consume hon...

How to make a Panda Bear.

Easy kids craft for preschool children. If you want its template, you can download from here:

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Maths Activity

Maybe you would like to play this game and make a cave for you bears. If you don't have bears you could use cars and they could drive in the garage or you could use something else.

Monday 1st June.


Morning Explorers, Hope you enjoyed your week off in the sunshine.


This week we will be thinking about one of our favourite stories. Let's listen.

"We're Going On A Bear Hunt" Animated Story

"We're Going On A Bear Hunt" animated story cartoon version of the classic Bear Hunt children's story book by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury. The "Bear Hun...


If you're feeling fit today let's do some cosmic yoga- it's The Bear Hunt too.



We're Going on a Bear Hunt | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A Cosmic Kids yoga adventure for younger kids based on the lovely story by Michael Rosen, We're Going on a Bear Hunt. Join Jaime as we try to catch a big one...

Let's Make.

See if you can make one of these bears.

Cute Teddy Bear Craft For Kids

Support my channel via Patreon and get access to Templates, Printables and more! Check out my other social media https...


Let's sing.

ABC Phonics Song with Sounds for Children - Alphabet Song with Two Words for Each Letter

Friday 22nd May


We have been thinking about farms again and here is the song of the week to join in with.

Singing Hands: Old MacDonald had a Farm - Makaton Sign Language

Makaton signing: Sing and sign along with us down at the farm! This song is taken from our first nursery rhymes DVD "It's Signing Time". All songs feature Ma...

What can you make today.

Try making a tractor from boxes,  bricks or lego.

perhaps you already have one in your toy farm.

Fun Maths Alert.

You wont want to miss today's Superworm activities they look super fun.

Thursday 21st May


Today we are thinking about shapes do you know the name of any shapes?

you can look for shapes all around you.

A t home,  in your gardens or on a walk.

Here is a song to help you know the names.

Now you know their names have some fun with shapes.

Draw round things and cut the shapes out. what pictures can you make with the shapes you have cut out.

The next video tells you how to draw some of the shapes and make a picture with them.


Have you started to learn how to write your name yet ?

Have a go today 

Start with the first letter.

Wednesday 20th May.

   We are thinking about animals doing funny things again.

Here is a song about what animals would do if they could dance.

Mrs Tracey chose this funny song for you.



Animal Songs for Children ♫ If Animals Could Dance ♫ Action Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Your children will have a blast as they dance and sing like the animals with this popular animal song for children! This action, brain breaks kids song, "If ...

Story Time.


And here is a story about all the animals having fun in the cool of the pool. We read this story at school sometimes and it is really fin to join in all the actions.


Something to make.

you could try to make a dancing animal cut an oval for the head and another oval for a body.

Draw your animals face and then concertina some strips of paper for legs.

You could dance them up and down.


Tuesday 19th May


Today we have got a song about all sorts of silly animals doing funny things all over the house.

have a watch and see what you think. It made me laugh.

Cows In The Kitchen - Nursery Rhyme

Can You Join In?.

What can you make?

Today you could make a cow sock puppet you will need a white sock.

If you don’t want to sew it you could colour it with a felt pen.

You could make your sock puppet sing along to the silly song.


Tractor Ted Moovie Time

Another Tractor Ted story.All about cows this time.But not in the kitchen.

 Monday 18th May

This week we are learning all about Old Macdonald and his Farm.

Get your toy farm out or soft toy farm animals if you have any.

If not perhaps you could draw some and cut them out to make a farm.

There are some good stories about farms in the tractor red series this one is all about sheep.

Tractor Ted - Hello Ewe!

Tractor Ted Official Channel Tractor Ted - Hello Ewe! Tractor Ted joins Farmer Tom who has gone to his friend's farm to help milk the sheep!

What could you make today ?

What about a little Woolley sheep.

Cut out a circle and print it with white fingerprints or stick cotton wool or scrunched up paper for a body and then make a face from white or black paper.


Friday 15th of May


Hi Explorers

Hope you have enjoyed these

stories, songs and activities this week.

We have been thinking about growing and things you can do now

that you couldn't when you were younger.

Now you can run, hop, jump, catch a ball, drive a bike, 

snip and cut and have started to copy or write your name too.

Some of your clothes might not even fit you anymore

as you have grown taller.



Measuring Your Height Song | How Tall Are You? | Original Songs | By LBB Junior

Growing Up Song

Some Dogs Do

Have you ever seen a dog who can .... ?
Listen to a story and find out what some dogs can do.

Yes, I Can!

Thursday 14th of May


Today we continue to think about ourselves.

How we change and grow.

Listen to the stories and songs below.

Run, jump and shout is my favorite song. It can be very loud!

When I Grow Up~ Story Time

When I'm a Grown-up | Children's Books Read Aloud

What do you want to do when you grow up? Who will you live with? What will you travel in? and what things could you be a part of?

Jump, Run and Shout! | Action song for kids

Wednesday 13th of May 

Today we are going to listen to music and paint at the same time.

I  have got you a film to watch to see some children painting while listening to a music.

You could choose your favorite song to make a painting or drawing to.

You could make long lines ,short lines, spots and even wavy lines.

Just listen to the music how does it make you feel?

You could even try to make one eyes closed...

Children are doing mood painting to music

You might want to choose calmer music or maybe Pharrell Williams Happy song this is good for dance and painting.

Psychedelic Artworks With Oil, Soap And Paint

Just lovely and calming to watch paint moving around.

Mindful Ozzy Introduces Mindfulness

Tuesday 12th May

Today we are thinking about how babies grow up to be children and children grow up to be adults.

Once there were giants is a lovely story about a little girl growing up.


Once There Were Giants

Reading Once There Were Giants by Martin Waddell

Compare your Hand prints

Some people have been making family lockdown handprint souvenirs. You could make one with handprints in paint or print your hands into salt dough that you could bake then paint.

You could measure how tall people are. Use your hands or a teddy or anything to measure with and compare sizes.


The Very Busy Spider - Animated Children's Book

The Very Busy Spider. If you are doing the white Rose Maths.(See link on Monday) this is the story that goes with it...


Monday 11th of May

This week we are learning about how we grow.

Can you remember when you was a baby and

things you could't do, but now you can?

Today we are going to listen to a story Titch by Pat Hutchins.

Read Aloud | Titch by Pat Hutchins

Learn how to make a paper windmill just like the one Titch has.

Short or Tall (Sing & Read Maths)


Friday 8th of May 

There is no school work today because it is a bank holiday.


Have a fun day celebrating V.E day with your family and a great long weekend.

There are ideas on our website for celebrating. Look on the V.E. day page.

Make some bunting, have a picnic, do a dance, sing some songs.

I hope you have a lovely day. 


Thursday 7th of May

Today we are still thinking about the story of Jack and the beanstalk.

When Jack went up the beanstalk he found lots of golden coins.

Do you know about money?

Ask if you can look at some coins and find out

 what coins look like and what pictures and numbers you can see on them.

There is a song below that tells you about money and how much they are worth.



Money Song for Children UK

A money song about UK coins for young children. Covers 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.

Coin Rubbing

Try doing some coin rubbings, if you cut them out you can use them as play money for a shop. You could attach then on the things you are going to sell. Teddy might have 3 coin pictures on to show how much it costs. Can you find matching coins to be able to buy the teddy or count the right amount of coins.

Simon Says Song for Children

Only do what Simon says...



Wednesday 6th of May

Today we are building castles.

In our story this week- Jack and the beanstalk,

the giant lived in a castle up in the clouds.

Have you got a toy castle of any sort?

Maybe you could build a castle using construction bricks or boxes and

anything else you find around the house or garden.

You could retell the story with some little characters.

You could be the giant.


You could try this idea for making clouds for your models.

Make the clouds with cotton wool , scrunched up tissues or

with foam and bubbles. 


All About Clouds -Types and Names of Clouds

We see clouds all the time, but have you ever really thought about them? What makes clouds? Why don't they fall down?

Fee-fi-fo-fum - Jack and the Beanstalk song

Makaton - Mr Blue Sky - Singing Hands



Tuesday 5th of May


Today we are doing some magic.

The beans were magic in Our story

Jack and the beanstalk yesterday.


I wonder if you can do some magic?

Mr Bean

Watch Mr Bean as he tries his hand at some magic!

5 Magic Tricks Kids Can DO!

Here are some ideas you might like to try.

Learn how to make a magic Wand

Jack had magic beans in his story. Have you got some beans in your house?

Maybe you could cook something with beans?

Here are some ideas:

- baked beans on toast ?

-a bean chilli ?

-jelly beans and ice-cream? ( this is my favorite)



Monday 4th of May

This week our story is Jack and a Beanstalk.

Listen to the story and maybe act it out with your family.

Today's challenge is to build a tall beanstalk.

Add a photo of your beanstalk in our JPS Early years

Facebook page. Will yours be as tall as you or maybe even taller?



Jack and the Beanstalk Fairy Tale by Oxbridge Baby

Beanstalk challenge-

Just below are some ideas how you could make your beanstalk or you might have an idea of your own.

I can't wait to see your beanstalks.

Let's make a Beanstalk

Learn how to make a beanstalk using a rolled up piece of newspaper.

White Rose maths -The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animated Film

In the internationally acclaimed The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a tiny caterpillar eats and eats...and eats his way through the week. Taken from The Very Hungry ...

Parent and carers guide to pronouncing phonemes

Letters and Sounds for home and school guide for pronouncing phonemes. Watch to find out how to pronounce the sounds we use in the lesson videos. New Phonics...


Friday 1st of May

This week we have been looking at flowers and

minibeasts that you can find in your garden and outdoor areas. 

Today we are going to be artists

making fabulous art work of flowers.



The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Can you be a famous painter?

♫ Dr. Knickerbocker ♫ - Mrs Tracey's favorite song.


Thursday 30th of April


Today you could make a little garden inside your house. 

 It could be a fairy garden or maybe a little dinosaur world

or something else.

Anything you want it to be just use your imagination.

Percy the Park Keeper - One Warm Fox (1999)

It is winter, and very, very cold. So cold, in fact, that Fox borrowed some of Percy's clothes with the help of a scarecrow in the cold winter night. Percy d...

10 Little Numbers song


Wednesday 29th of April

Let's continue exploring outside and learning about nature.

Today we are going to make a journey stick.

You need some double sided tape or elastic bands and a stick.

If you don't have any of these just use sellotape or glue to attach your findings onto a paper.  Have a look at the attached sheet

to find out what is a journey stick.


The Very Lazy Ladybird -Story

Tuesday 28th April


This week we are thinking about gardens and the things that grow in them.

this weekend I planted some seeds and I am hoping some flowers will grow. you might have some seeds you could plant but if not here are some ideas of plants you can grow from food. when I was little my Mum used to give me the tops she cut off carrots. if you put them on a plate of water you can see them sprout up. I used them to make a forest for my toy animals .

seeds you can grow.

Some ideas for seeds you could plant and grow. Lets see if we can all grow something.

Blooming Flowers Timelapse

While we are waiting for our plants to grow you might like to watch these plants blooming.


Monday 27th of April

This week we are thinking about what can we find in our gardens or parks nearby?

Last week you made binoculars to spy birds.


I wonder if you can spy some flowers, trees and minibeast.

Minibeasts are good at hiding. Remember to look under, behind and inside.

They might be hiding under stones, logs or pots or maybe climbing up some

  trees, plants or even be hiding inside a flower.


Post your drawings and photos on our Facebook group.

 I’d like to see them.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary - Nursery Rhymes

In the Garden Song [HD]


Friday 24th of April


Hope you have enjoyed the activities this week.

It has been lovely to see all your photos of the activities you have done at home on our Facebook page, If you haven’t joined in our JPS -early years Facebook page yet please do. It would be great to see you all there.  

Come and share and see what everyone has been up to at home

and on walks around the local area.

"PATTERNS" song -Can you spy patterns, around your home and garden, through your binoculars?

White Rose maths


              Thursday 23rd of April


            Today we have an Owl babies- story to watch and listen.

            After you watched it can you think about these questions:

            Who are the characters in this story? What time of the day it is? How where the baby owls feeling 

            when they could't find their mum? What were the names of the baby owls?

            Did the story have a happy ending?

            - Can you re tell the story to your family?


Maths Supertato day 4


Wednesday 22 of April


Today we are going to learn about different kind of birds.
Birds that fly, run and birds that don’t fly.
Let’s watch this film - All about birds. I wonder if you can spot the bird that can run very fast and find out what it is called.
Which one was your favourite bird? Can you draw a picture of it?

Can you make some binoculars to go and explore in your garden or when you go for a walk?

Maths - Day 3 of Supertato.

Tuesday 21st April

This week we are thinking about eggs. Lots of animals come out of eggs. Birds, fish, crocodiles turtles and dinosaurs. choose one of these to think about if you are mad on dinosaurs now is your chance.

* DUCK * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV

Here are some duck facts for you. maybe you go and feed the ducks sometimes. can you draw a picture of a duck or and egg.
you could write your name on the picture if you are feeling clever. think about how a duck walks and see if you can waddle like a duck.
maybe ask a grown up to cut you out a duck shape and you could decorate it with collage materials or paint.

White Rose Maths.




                  Hello all Explorers! Hope you all safe and well.


Monday 20th of April

Today we are learning about the life cycle of a chicken.

Do you remember our Easter song about a mother hen?

How many eggs did she have in her nest?

We are learning a new number song- counting to 10.



Some of you have been enjoying the White Rose Maths Activities based on a story. Here is a link and a video of the story for this week.


Friday 3rd April.


Easter Bonnet Day. 

If you've not made a hat yet make a quick one and wear it today at 11.OO to sing some songs with your family. Mine is just a circle of paper that I've coloured on.

Sing our Easter songs and have a mini Easter bonnet parade in your garden with your family.

Easter Cards.

Have a go at making Easter cards. 

write a message inside to someone you love.

A Video for Parents About Helping Your Children Learn To Count.

Learning to Count | Teach Your Child to Count

Reciting or Counting? How to support your child when understanding how to count quantities as well as extending their learning afterwards.

Thursday 2nd April.

Today I thought it might be fun to make some musical Instruments for our Easter Bonnet Parade tomorrow.

I am going to look in my recycling bin to see if there is a box or bottle i can use to fill with a little bit of rice or Pasta.

Have you been learning the songs. Look on class pages and find the Easter Holiday Daffodil if you click on it you will find a music section with the Easter parade songs on.


All the Explorers could begin or continue to learn how to write their names.

usually they get the first letter to start with and work along from there.

Grown ups if you are helping ,try to encourage correct letter formation to avoid having to relearn later and also use a capital for the letter then lower case for the rest.

Wednesday 1st April.

Today we can find out about Easter.

Easter is a Christian Festival but some of the traditions go back a lot longer than that.

Find out about some Easter traditions in the CBeebies clip.

It also tells the Easter story told with sand pictures.  Parents you might want to watch it first and decide for yourself if you would like your child to see it. At school we usually watch the getting ready for Easter clip and then just talk about people who go to church celebrating a special day. Its a tough story for children to understand and it will depend on your families beliefs.


Easter Traditions.

Talk about the things you do at Easter.

Eat Eggs.

Have an Egg Hunt.

Some people go to Church.

You might eat hot cross buns.

You could draw a picture of the things you might do.


Baking and counting.

Baking is good for helping with Maths. You are weighing and counting spoonfuls.

You could make some hot-cross buns for Easter. If you don't have the ingredients make some pretend ones out of salt dough or just scrunched up paper or you could always bake something else completely different.

you could count the buns you make and see how many you can each have to eat. take one away see how many you have left.




Tuesday 31st March.




For Maths today look at the White Rose Maths ideas I added earlier today you can find them at the bottom of today's work. 

They are based around a story and I have added the stories on Youtube in case you don't have them at home.

Wash Your Hands with Baby Shark | Baby Shark Hand Wash Challenge | @Baby Shark Official

Mrs Tracey found this song to help us remember to wash our hands.
Watch baby Shark and sing along.

Easter Bonnet Parade. 

It will be a different Easter bonnet parade this year, lets all dust down our bonnets or have fun making new ones and have lots of mini parades in our own gardens.

If you look on the class pages for the daffodil and go to the music section you will find our Easter songs

Start learning them today so that you will be pitch perfect by Friday.

Then on Friday at 11:00 we can all sing them whilst showing off our hats. get your grown ups to make a bonnet too. Post your photos on the Jacksdale Primary school Facebook page if you would like to.


White Rose Maths

There have been a flurry of websites offering free access to parents during school closure which as parent or teacher can be overwhelming. White rose is one them that I think it would be helpful and fun to do. I have shared the link on the school facebook page. They are based on a story with activities for each day

I have put them here as a possibility that you might enjoy. Please do not feel you have to work through every one.

Monday 30th March.

This week if we were at school we would be learning all about Easter and Easter traditions.

We can still do this together even if we are at home.

I will try to find all the best Easter stories and songs for you and some lovely activities to do at home, but dont forget to have a lovely time with your family as well.

If I were the Easter Bunny Storybook // Read Aloud by JosieWose

We have this story at school sometimes at Easter. I'm very happy I found it on you tube for you to watch.


Bunny Hop.

You could make a headband with bunny ears and pretend to be the Easter bunny.

see if you can do bunny hops all over your garden. What is the biggest hop you can do?

Can you hop and carry a bucket or basket as well?

Make yourself am Easter Bunny run, put something for eggs like balls, potatoes or rolled up socks in a line in your garden. Hop along and collect them all up. Race another person in your house.

Happy Hopping.


Counting Easter Eggs.


Click on the link to play.

Friday 27th March.


Today is our last day of thinking about what jobs people do.

I thought it would be interesting to see what jobs you think you you would like to do when you are grown up.

Here is a story to start us off.

When I Grow Up by Andrew Daddo & Jonathan Bentley

Talk to the people in your house about jobs they do or of other people you know. Mrs Tracy is a teacher, you see shop assistants in the co-op and visit the doctor and dentist. You maybe go to the hairdresser and we see bus drivers everyday. Think about all the jobs you know about and have a think what job you might like to do when you grow up.

Role play/dramatic play.

Pretend to do some of the jobs we've been thinking about. If you have dressing up clothes you could use them, but  you could make outfits for some jobs from your everyday clothes. My little boy used to pretend to be a baker in his toy kitchen with a woolly hat on! 

Here are few ideas,

Shops with a small table and boxes or cans,

Doctors with a medical set or homemade medical kit.

Farmer or vets with soft toy animals.

car mechanic with overalls and tools bought, real or homemade.

handyman or builder similar.

ballerina, fancy dress and some music.

at school we sneak in writing activities making signs and such like and sometimes that's fun to do.

Perhaps don't try hair dressers!! 

"Alphabet Occupations" - ABC Jobs Song for Kids | Learn the alphabet phonics with Jobs & Occupations

Learn the alphabet and phonics sounds with the Alphabet Occupations song! What do you want to be when you grow up? Maybe an astronaut, a firefighter or an en...


At school lots of our maths is mixed in with everyday activities.

We count lots of different things. You could do this at home by counting steps, counting plates bowls and cutlery or biscuits on a plate. Count the people to see how many of each thing you need. Maybe you have number books at home or books about shape and time you could read them together as well. Matching games help with early maths skills too so dominoes or lotto games are good.





Thursday 26th March.

today we are going to think about what it would be like to be a zoo keeper.

Here is a story  about Topsy and Tim going to the zoo.


Topsy and Tim Go To The Zoo | Story Time for Children

In Topsy and Tim Go to the Zoo you can find out about all the animals they see and how the zookeepers look after them. Watch more Topsy and Tim videos here h...


You could make a zoo if you have any toy animals.

Get a big piece of paper and draw some enclosures for them to live in.

Count each type of animal or find out how many animals you have got altogether.

If you don't have any toy animals try drawing a few.



We're Going to the Zoo with Lyrics | Kids Action Songs | Children Love to Sing

Zoo song with lyrics - kids love to sing along and see their favorite animals - monkeys, elephant, giraffe, seals, rhinos & more! You can come to - we're goi...

Wednesday 25th March.

This little girl wants to be an astonaut.

talk to your family about what you think an astronaut does.

What is your favourite animal in the Zoo.

You could draw a picture of it.


What kind of jobs do you think there are to do at the zoo.

You could act some of these jobs out like sweeping the cages, feeding the penguins or showing the visitors round. 


I Want To Be An Astronaut - Kids Dream Jobs - Can You Imagine That?

This is Julia and she wants to be an Astronaut, Can You Imagine That?

Things you could do.


Go outside and pretend you are walking on the moon.

You could collect some moon rock. Count how many rocks you find. 

Make some star shapes a decorate them.

On a circle of card make a new planet, you could stick bits on or colour or paint it.

In the story the little bear went to space in a box if you have a box or plastic container maybe you could use it for a pretend rocket.




Whatever Next!

Whatever Next! By Jill Murphy. Here is a story about a bear who goes to space I'm sure you will remember it from school.

Alphabet Phonics Song

Here is a different Alphabet Phonics song with letter names and sounds. Every letter has a name and sound. You can always look back at some of the other videos we have shared over the last few days.

Wednesday 25th March.


Today I have chosen a super exciting Job.

This little boy would like to be an astronaut.

Talk to your family about what kind of things an astronaut would need to be good at.


Tuesday 24th March

Today we are still working on the jobs people do.

The job we will be thinking about today is baker.

I want to be a Baker - Kid's Dream Job - Can You Imagine That?

Logan imagines what it would be like to be a baker.

What could you bake?

See if you can be a baker for your family.

May be you have the ingredients to make fairy cakes, or pancakes. 

I will add some recipes so click on the link below.

While you are at home you could start helping a little bit more with meal times.

Sandwiches  are easy to make and you can cut them in fun shapes.

Don't forget to take photos of the things you do. 

Birthday Cake coloring, drawing and painting for kids | Learn Colors | Watercolors paints for kids

Have is one idea of how you could draw a cake but I am sure you could come up with your own ideas.
Have a go at making your own birthday cake picture.

The Number 3 | Number Songs By BubblePopBox | Learn The Number Three

Hello Explorers a lot of you are three.This song is all about the number three. You could try counting three objects and make some collections of three. You could even try to write the number three. Look around your house with your grown up helper and see if you can find the number three in your house somewhere, on the door , on a packet or in one of your books maybe

I Want To Be A Pilot - Kids Dream Jobs - Can You Imagine That?

This is Faaris and he wants to be a Pilot, Can You Imagine That? He would fly big airplanes all over the world.

Talk about what you think it would be like to be a pilot.

Where would you go if you had an aeroplane

Try to make an aeroplane out of paper. Ask a grown up how to fold it.

Start saving your boxes now you can make really good models with them.

you could make a plane. click on the link below for some good ideas.

ULTIMATE Planes for children | jet planes, bi-planes, seaplanes, airplanes for kids

Do you love planes? Then check out our collection of different aeroplanes.


If you are self-isolating at home, feel free to access any of these websites, resources and games to keep the learning going while you can't temporarily be at school. Keep those brain cells going and have fun!

Key Apps and Websites

Phonics Play

Twinkl Parents Hub

Classroom Secrets Kids!

Non-Screen Activities from Pobble

Usborne Quick Links


      Welcome to Explorers class pages.

Here you will find lots of photos of the children taking part in activities inside and outside.

 You can see children coming up with fantastic ideas and being excited

and amazed at what they can make and do. 

Children are learning lot's of new skills and taking risks with their learning

by thinking new ways how to approach a task.

Childen retelling the story- Whatever next.

We made bird feeders for our garden at home and nursery.

Chinese New Year activities. Making a dragon, lanterns and eating noodles with chop sticks.We also tried to open a Chinese puzzle box.

Goldilocks and the three bears-Story. Children took part in acting out the story together and took turns at being different characters. Children also made puppets and had a puppet show.

Christmas has arrived to Explorers. Dasher the reindeer has moved in the reindeer enclosure and children enjoy feeding him carrots. Elfiina the Elf came to show us what Elves do in the Santa's work shop.

Explorers exploring shapes.

Children in need day in the nursery. We made a big Pudsey all together.

Exploring pumpkins.

Witches and potions...mixing bicarbonate of soda, white wine vinegar and shower gel ...

This is our first newsletter to keep you up to date with lots of the things we are doing in explorers.

Red, white and blue day with lots of red, white and blue activities and some baking...chocolate chip cookies. Yummy.

Harvest time- learning about fruit and vegetables.

Nature walk around the school outdoor areas. Observing trees, plants and the weather.

Baking day - We made apple crumble and ate some for our snack. It was yummy.

Busy making friends, exploring areas and activities in September.

Music and singing time outside.

Digging and looking for worms and woodlice.

Using hole punches and needles to make leaf threading.