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Daily English tasks


This week we are reading Little Red Riding Hood.

Monday activity:

Read through the PowerPoint presentation.


Hot seating - Take turns at someone playing the part of a character from the story.  Ask them questions.



Tuesday activity:

Read through the PowerPoint presentation.  


Think of some adjectives (describing words) for Little Red Riding Hood.  Write some sentences to describe Little Red Riding Hood.

Wednesday activity:

Read through the PowerPoint presentation.


Write sentences to describe the forest.

Thursday activity:

Read through the PowerPoint presentation.


Today we will plan our own Little Red Riding Hood story.  Use the story mountain to record your ideas.

Friday activity:

Read through the PowerPoint presentation.


Today we will be writing simple sentences to finish writing our own version of Little Red Riding Hood.



Read to a family member every day for 10 minutes.



Click on the video link to watch a video for the daily sound.  These videos can be found on YouTube.  We are currently following the Speedsound lesson schedule for these RWI lessons.  The video will be shown live at 9.30 am each morning BUT will be available to watch for 24 hours after it has been shown so you can watch the lesson whenever it suits you.


After you have watched the video use the practice sheets found on this page if you would like to.  


Instructions for speedsound practice sheets:


Look at the picture and the phrase.  Practice saying the sound and the phrase. 


Use your Fred Fingers to sound out and say each word.


If you can print out the sheet practice reading the words.  If you can't print out the sheet, write down the words and put the dots and dashes underneath each sound.  Use the dots and dashes to practice saying the words.  Can you think of any new words containing the sound?






Practice your spellings that are in your homework book.


Go on Spelling Shed and play the games to help you practice your spellings.