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Attendance guidance from September 2021

Parent FAQ Covid related attendance information January 2022

From September 2021, school attendance is mandatory and school attendance policies and procedures are fully in place, as they were pre-covid.  


All guidance related to attendance is taken ddirectly from the government guidance:



If you need to report symptoms or a test result out of hours, please email the school office: 


*  Your child should not attend school if they are displaying any of the covid-

    related symptoms (a new persistent cough, temperature, loss of taste or 

    smell).  Please contact school to report your child's absence.


*   Should your child display any Covid-related symptoms whilst in school,           you will be required to collect your child from school and book a PCR

     test.  Siblings should remain in school unless they are also displaying



*   Parents / carers should make contact with school once a test result is

     known.  Other household members are not required to isolate, so siblings

     should continue to attend school.


*   From 16th August, if you are fully vaccinated or under the age of 18

     and 6 months, you are not required to self-isolate if you are

     a contact or a household member of someone who has tested

     positive for Covid-19.  Any absence in this instance will not be authorised

     by the school.


*   School will not inform parents / carers if positive cases are     

     reported within school - NHS Track and Trace may make contact with

     parents / carers if your child is identified as a close contact.  At this point,

     your child is not required to isolate (as under 18 year olds are no longer

     required to isolate as close contacts), but you should be aware of any

     possible symptoms beginning.