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Monday 4th May

Please watch today's White Rose Maths video and complete the worksheets. For English, read the extract from the book 'Pog' and begin to work through the workbook; this booklet is to last you all week so you don't have to do it all today! For topic, watch the animal classification video and complete task 1 on the weekly grid.

Have a good day!

May the 4th be with you!

Mrs D & Mrs N

Congratulations to top 3 TTRS champions. Open this up to find out if it is you!


Five out of the six top players last week were boys! Come on girls!

I have set up battles this week between Y5 boys and girls, and Y6 boys and girls.

Tuesday 5th May,

Morning guys, forgot to say yesterday that it's a four-day-week this week! That's because Friday is a bank holiday! We always have a bank holiday at the beginning of May, but it's usually the first Monday in May. This year it has been moved to Friday to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe), which happened happened on 8th May 1945, signalling the end of World War II in Europe. 


Anyway, today will you please do today's White Rose Maths lesson, or the BBC Bitesize Maths activity (which you can watch on the TV if you like!). Also, continue with the English booklet linked to 'POG'. The prologue hooks you right in; it makes me want to buy the book so I can read the whole thing. If you completed activity 1 for the topic work yesterday, it would be great to see some examples on our JPS - Y5 & Y6 Facebook page! Activity 2 involves watching the powerpoint about classification keys, followed by the Alien Classification sheet. 

Have a good day and don't forget to do some exercise as well!



Wednesday 6th May

Good morning everyone,

A structure for today'a lessons could be...

  • White Rose Maths video and worksheets
  • Complete more activities from the POG related Enbglish booklet
  • Re-watch the classification keys ppt. Complete the worksheet 'constructing classification keys' by using appropriate questions in the empty boxes to sort the animals. 


  • Can you make up a classification key of your own to sort plants or animals?
  • Have a go at one of the Next Level Sports activities.
  • Complete some VE Day activities from the Class Pages screen.
  • TTRS, Spelling Shed, Read Theory, read a book, bake, practise your handwriting, go for a walk, play in the garden...

Have a good Wednesday!

Thursday 7th May


Good morning guys,

It's the last work day of the week today as we break up for the bank holiday weekend. I wonder how you are all celebrating VE Day tomorrow. I know some streets are holding street parties!


Today, we would like you to do the White Rose Maths lesson followed by more sections from the English booklet. Topic work today is linked to the VE Day celebrations. See the resources on the Class Pages page. 


Don't forget to look at the Next Level Sports lesson of the day.


Oh, and keep going with the TTRS, Spelling Shed, & Read Theory!


Have a great weekend! :)