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4MW 2017-2018

Welcome to 4MW's Class Page


We are a superb class of Year 3 and Year 4 children who love learning together.


Our teachers are Mrs. March and Miss Wilkinson and our teaching assistant is Miss Fines.


On Wednesday afternoons we are taught by our own teachers and also have lessons with Mrs. Lewis and Mr. Parkin.


Poems by 4MW! 


Our last block of English this term has been poetry and we thought why not present them on the tables?! We planned our ideas and then really enjoyed displaying our work - allbeit temporarily! so we have made them a bit more permanent by putting them on our class page.


Parents - thanks for all your support this year and have a lovely summer.

Healthy Eating 

As part of our topic we have been exploring healthy foods and the nutrients that they provide. We have been learning what food actually provides us with and why we should eat healthy foods and stay away from too much junk food. We had a go at making some healthy foods - who'd have thought mackerel pate could be so tasty!!!

Our cooking session...


Class Assembly 4MW

You should all be really proud of yourself for your performances in your Class Assembly! Well done!

Most informative and some very funny bits!  


4MW's class assembly will take place at 9.15am on Friday May 4th. We really hope parents and family members will be able to make it. 


As part of our next topic 'Is the choice really yours?', we will be looking at different food groups and nutrients. If you have any food packaging, please save this for us to investigate! We will be using this in school from Monday 23 April. Many thanks!

Creative homework - Is the choice really yours?


If you want to listen to 'Our Battle Scene Music' for Roman Rocks - here is the link...


Year 3 and 4 Trip to the Magna Science Adventure Centre



Today Year 3 and Year 4 travelled to the Magna Science Adventure Centre. We had a great time and thank you to all the staff for looking after us and having so much fun with us. We took part in a workshop called 'Big Circuits' - here we took part in challenges to build a circuit to dry a small piece of washing! We looked at how to make a dimmer switch with salt water and spoons! 

We explored the 'Big Melt' exhibition which illustrates what the science museum was up until the 1950s - a massive steel plant! It made tonnes upon tonnes of steel using an electric arc furnace. At one point it made more steel than anywhere else in the world!


The other exhibitions explored water, wind and fire - we had a great time using the interactive exhibits and learning some new facts. 


The children were well behaved and were great ambassadors for Jacksdale Primary School! Well done!

The gift shop was a big hit too!


Just like a Roman

Still image for this video
Sing like a Roman and learn these words for our play!

Boudicca lyrics

Boudicca song

Be a superstar like Boudicca and learn these song words for our play!

Reminders for our trip to MAGNA

Our creative homework for Spring 2!

Creative Homework


Well done to all of 4MW who achieved a creative homework certificate for their great projects and effort within our 'Snap, Crackle and Pop' topic. 

Creative Homework

This week we have investigated which materials conduct electricity. It was great fun - we worked together really well and have found out some really interesting facts!  Keep an eye on this page to find out what we know!

Electricity Investigation


We had a great time, working so well together, investigating how to make a simple circuit with some interesting equipment; Bulbs, cells (batteries), wires, crocodile clips, motors and buzzers. We understand now that a circuit needs to be 'closed' in order for a current to flow. A current is a flow of electrons leaving the negative side of the battery and returning to the positive side. Power is provided by the battery and is measured in volts. Even though our batteries were big they were very low voltage.


Here is a link to an interesting website where you can complete a range of electrical activities online - have a go by clicking here.


Our trip to MAGNA

Making string telephones and working together

Our Topic this term is called 'Snap, Crackle and Pop!' It has a science focus and we will be learning about sound and electricity. We have already been exploring sound and sound waves and thinking about how sound travels to our ears and how we actually hear things. 


Here are a few links for you to explore at home if you fancy becoming a sound expert.



Here are the class rules we decided as a class. I think you will agree they will help us have a great year in 4MW.

Our Visit from Mr. King


During our Jacksdale Topic we were fortunate enough to have a visit from Mr. King, an ex-miner who lives in Jacksdale. It was fascinating to listen to him and to look at the artefacts he had brought in. Those artefacts included his 'snap tin' (lunch box) complete with a sandwich! and metal discs and what looked like a key ring, that Mr. King needed to 'clock on' and 'clock off' to ensure he got paid. It was really interesting to hear about the 'Drift' and the machinery that Mr. King used over his time in the mine, changing from pick axes to massive machines!

Thankyou Mr. King. 


We made thank you cards for Mr. King which he absolutely loved and he returned the favour with thank you cards for all the Year 3/4 classes! He thought all the children were so polite and interested and he couldn't praise the children more highly.

Our visit from Mr. King