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Safer Internet Day

This week we've been thinking about safer internet day.  Although we teach the children how to use the internet safely and remind them of what to do if something goes wrong during sessions in computing throughout the year, every school in the country was celebrating Safer Internet Day today.  Children in every class started the week with a whole school assembly thinking about SMART rules...






We emphasized that it's not just using the computers in school, but the children's use of phones, IPods, tablets, YouTube, computers, laptops, XBoxes and Playstations.  We also thought about choices we make when we are chatting with our friends online - the key message being 'TELL' - an adult, a parent, a sibling, a friend, a teacher, a helper - TELL anyone if you are not sure about things which are happening when you are chatting online.

All children have also looked carefully at the school e-safety rles and what it looks like in school.  Parents will receive a letter explaining the procedures we have in school and asking to sign an agreement which shows that you are happy with the provision to keep children safe online.


Please keep talking to children as there are more and more pressures on them with today's modern world and we want them to have all the benefits that the 'digi-world' can give them whilst making sure they know which options they have if something goes wrong.