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Explorers 2017-2018

Welcome to the updated Explorers page where we will add photos so you can see exactly what we've been up to during the day.  You'll also find newsletters and any of our other random, peculiar requests or reminders!  Please let one of us know if there's anything which you would like to see on our page that we haven't thought of...

Explorers have been busy working together making a fire engine. They painted, glued, measured and cut. Testing their ideas and solving problems with fantastic results. Next it was time to become a firefighter and children took part in vigorous training exercises in the hall, outside and even in the dark tent using torches.

Every child received a Fire Fighter training certificate.

Explorers are having fun in the rain testing out our new waterproof clothing. They worked a treat keeping children dry and clean.

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Explorers are exploring Numicon. Explorers did lot of good thinking and problem solving when tessellating pieces to fit on the boards. They talked about how many holes, shapes and sizes. They swapped pieces with friends and helped each other fill their boards.

People who help us. We made a hospital role play area.

World book day at last.

World book day at last. 1
World book day at last. 2