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We are a mixed class of Year 3 and 4 children. Our teacher's are Miss Wilkinson and Mrs March. Miss Fines is our fabulous teaching assistant. Miss Wilkinson teaches Monday and Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays. Mrs March alternate Wednesdays and each Thursday and Friday


The first few weeks of term have been very busy and we hope you have all settled in to your new classroom. 

We have been talking to the children about what it means to have a 'Growth Mindset' and we have been trying to spot growth mindsets in the class. The whole school has been talking about this and it is an important aspect of Jacksdale Primary School, making sure everybody is supported and encouraged in their learning and making sure everyone understands what they need to do to help themselves. 


We have also been settling down very quickly after playtimes with just a minute or two of breathing exercises. The children have been great at this and are keen to explore how it makes them feel. 


Keep a watch on this page for photos and more articles coming soon!

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What a day!


Well done Year 3 and Year 4. We have had a great day today at Perlethorpe learning all about the Anglo Saxons. We spent time in an authentic Anglo Saxon house learning from our guide, Ethelred, and then we did all kinds of activities and examined all kinds of artefacts. We made jewellery, ground wheat to make flour and played games, akin to what may have been battle training in the days of the Anglo Saxons. 

Hope you all had a good time and we hope you like the photos. 



Just brilliant! The Hoodwinked performance for Year 3 and Year 4 was incredible! You were all brilliant and did yourselves so very proud! The hard work and rehearsals really paid off as you delighted all of your audiences. 

Well done Year 3 and Year 4. 

Jacksdale School, The Co-op and Fair Trade


Thanks to all the staff at Jacksdale Co-op last week as they really helped Year 3 and 4 get to grips with their learning about Fair Trade. 4MW and 4M got the chance to have a workshop at school and then a lesson at the Co-op. We even went round the back and saw the storeroom!


We spent the morning learning about what Fair Trade means and how the Co-op supports this as much as they possibly can, ensuring farmers get a fair deal around the world when they sell their produce.


Chocolate, Cocoa, coffee, wine and roses were just a few of the Fair Trade products we spotted on the shelves. 


In school we learnt all about the history of 'Fair Trade' and got to taste milk, dark and white fair trade chocolate. While we tasted this we were invited to close our eyes and use all our senses to really appreciate the chocolate. We also practised being mindful, thinking about the chocolate and what had happened from the Bean to the Bar! We really enjoyed working together to design out own chocolate wrappers. Look out in store soon!

Fair Trade @ Jacksdale!

Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 1
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 2
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 3
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 4
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 5
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 6
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 7
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 8
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 9
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 10
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 11
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 12
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 13
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 14
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 15
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 16
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 17
Fair Trade @ Jacksdale! 18

We love our Mummies!


Our Ancient Egypt topic is going really well! This week we have absolutely just loved making our own clay 

corpses! and then covering them in 'mod-roc' which was mummification process! We included some amulets in our 'embalming' and worked together so well to complete these messy fun tasks! We also made a sarcophagus each for our mummy. All will be displayed at our Ancient Egyptian Museum on Tuesday afternoon from 3.30-4pm. Hope to see you there!

Autumn Newsletter

Football skills!

Mansfield Town Football Club visited us last week for some football training. They will be visiting again soon when they will be running a whole school sponsored penalty shoot-out! We hope to raise some funds for the school by doing this. Sponsor forms have been sent home (we have spares in  the class!)  and the event will take place on Tuesday September 25th. 

Ancient Egypt Day!


Our brains must have been bursting with Egyptian facts today as Mr. Egypt himself visited Jacksdale Primary School! As a professional Egyptologist, who actually lives in Egypt, we were very fortunate to have Mr. Egypt with us all day, sharing his knowledge and interest in all things Egyptian. We learnt about the geography, daily life, the social system, clothing, food and drink and that was all before breaktime! After break we cracked a hieroglyph code and completed some Egyptian maths. In the afternoon 'Mummies' were the main focus, including having our own mummification competition! Well done Year 3 and 4 this was great way to introduce our topic in the 2nd full week of term. We look forward to doing lots of cool things to follow-up and extend Mr. Egypt's experience with us. 

Our Day with Mr. Egypt

Our Day with Mr. Egypt 1
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 2
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 3
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 4
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 5 These are amulets, over 4000 years old.
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 6 A cartouche
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 7 Rings! over 4000 years old!
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 8 From inside the bandages of a mummy!
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 9
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 10
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 11
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 12
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 13 Examining artefacts
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 14 Tips on how to make a good mummy!
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 15
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 16
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 17
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 18
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 19
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 20
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 21
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 22
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 23
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 24
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 25
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 26
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 27
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 28
Our Day with Mr. Egypt 29